Get A Sneak Peek At Gears Of War 3's New Multiplayer Characters

RAAM's Shadow, the second downloadable extension to Gears of War 3, is due to arrive Dec. 13, but its six new multiplayer skins have already been exposed through the game's character-selection stage.

Kotaku reader Jestin snapped shots of the new skins with his phone camera but says he didn't try to download them out of "fear of the BANHAMMER." He shouldn't worry; that -1 Microsoft Point cost means it can't be bought. You'll get an error.

RAAM's Shadow, at $US15, will add more than just new multiplayer characters. The DLC will deliver a three-hour mini-campaign prequel set after Emergence Day, the event that kicked off the war raging through the three games in the series. Some new achievements totaling 250 Gamerscore and the novelty "Chocolate Weapons" set also are included for multiplayer. Those who bought the season pass for Gears of War 3 get RAAM's Shadow for free.

h/t Jestin

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Alicia Valera

General RAAM

Michael Barrick

Minh Young King

Tai Kaliso

Theron Elite


    Yep can't wait for this to drop. I do hope at some point they explain why the queen is human :o

      Agreed. That's one loose end they forgot to tie (whether intentionally or not)

        They deliberately called attention to it; leaving it untold was no accident.

    If you play the game with bots, the AI will occasionally pick one of these characters.

      The multiplayer skins (characters/weapons) are already on the game disc. This is too make sure everybody can see the characters whether they have purchased the add-on or not. It also lets Epic make extra money on content "already paid" for.

        They can also patch the characters in. Not necessarily on the disc.

        But go ahead and grind that axe, sir.

    marcus' pa and the queen are old friends (by this i mean rivals or something), that much is implied and almost outright stated in the first 2 games, she figured out something and got control of the locusts, father fenix didn't.

    Today I was playing gears 3 local mulitplayer for a while and ended up playing against general ramm... would explain the bot comment.
    I should have took some screen shots, but I imaging everyone will be getting it from here on in, some promotional thing maybe.

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