Get Swept Up In The Sound Of Skyrim's Barbarian Choir

Back in 2006 Skyrim game director Todd Howard called up composer Jeremy Soule and told him he wanted the music for the game to sound like The Elder Scrolls theme as sung by a barbarian choir. Lacking barbarians, Soule just hired some men with deep voices.

I am posting this video specifically so I can ask Soule to get his damn song out of my head. Since I started playing Skyrim I've found myself bursting into choruses of "Dovahkiin Dovahkiin | Naal ok zin los vahriin!" I was in line at the grocery store getting a money order earlier today and it just spilled out. They already think I'm odd; I didn't need the help.

Take your song back, Jeremy Soule!


    Chris Plummer actually sounds awesome. Not that i had doubts, but this video shows just how.

    Must. Have. Now.


    Just awesome! Going to loose a lot of sleep on this one :)

    That looks amazing, and proves that I'm in the wrong industry, Why work in a call centre when I could be voice acting!?

    Jeremy Soule is currently my favourite composer. He's done Neverwinter Nights, Oblivion, Guild Wars, now Skyrim and is working on Guild Wars 2. He's like the John Williams of video games.

      He also did Icewind Dale and KOTOR...both awesome soundtracks

    is it me or the style sounds a bit pirates of the carribean-ish?

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