Giant, Life-Sized Gundam Is Returning!

Many a Tokyo visitor has asked me, "Brian, where can I see the giant Gundam?" I always tell them, "Random person, you cannot see it anymore. It's gone." Next year, that will change. The giant Gundam is coming back.

The original statue was first erected in Odaiba in July 2009, and then it was erected in Shizuoka where it stood until being damaged in the earthquake.

This summer, parts of one-to-one scale Gundam went on display in Tokyo. That's right, you could pay money to put your arse in Gundam's hands.

Next spring, another one-to-one scale Gundam will once again be erected in Tokyo's Odaiba until spring 2013. Sadly, the money-for-Gundam-ass-touching doesn't look like it's part of the deal.

So mark your calendars, random person!

ガンダム像、再び東京に=高さ18メートル [Jiji]


    This pleases me greatly.

      this pleases me greatly times two

    I'm pretty sure it was dismantled in January, before the quake.
    But enough nit-picking. Glad it will be rebuilt!

    Going to get a "Heroically Staring Into the Distance" photo in front of this new one, too.

    Need to start a collection.

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