Gifts For Children Too Young To Know They're Killing People

He or she is still a kid. Free to take naps, play in the sandbox, and sometimes, have a crack at video games.

But video games are often violent. You've got a gun, you're beating the crap out of people, you're snapping necks. Not exactly age appropriate when you're still enthralled by Goodnight Moon.

There's got to be games for these young players, able to hold a controller, but still a little to young to fire a virtual AK-47. Turns out, there are.

Dance Central 2

No guns here! Just dancing. Lots and lots and lots of dancing, which means lots and lots of exercise. Getting kids up off the couch made easy. $69.95 RRP

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Meet characters, get their autographs and hug them. If Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, then Kinect Disneyland Adventures must be happiest game on Kinect. $69.95 RRP.

Pokémon Black and White

Black or white? That is the question. The latest Pokémon has new Pocket Monsters to catch and train. But be sure to tell your kids, the Pocket Monster Snivy is not really named Snivy. Oh, no. His name is Smugleaf. $69.95 RRP.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Four-player cooperative gameplay comes to Ratchet & Clank, making it an ideal game kids can play with their parents, with each helping each other get through the platforming and puzzles. $99.95 RRP.

Super Mario 3D Land

As Kotaku own Stephen Totilo pointed out to me, owning a 3DS and not having this game is like owning a toaster, but not buying bread. This is the 3DS game. While some parents might worry about the 3D effects, like all Nintendo 3DS games, the effect can be switched off. The Mario awesomeness cannot. Sorry! $69.95 RRP.

Playtime Theater

In this app, kids can create puppet shows on the iPad, and THAT'S TOTALLY AWESOME. There's a stage, costumes, props, sound effects and music. Kids can save and record their performances. If only they had this when I was a kid. If only they had the iPad. $2.99.

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