Google "Do A Barrel Roll" Right Now

Do it. Right now. Why are you still here? You need a link? To Google? Seriously? Fine.

There, wasn't that fun? You can thank Twitter.


    The gag does not work in Safari. I only saw the outcome in Firefox.

    Mac user here (and PC, etc, etc, etc....)

      Worked fine on my IPhone!!

        I must have a bad plug in then. Safari is technically the same on both platforms.

    Worked on chrome like a champ! Funny stuff!

    lol even google got it wrong and used the Aileron roll.

    Works fine on Safari for me. At this point anyone whose still an IE user and under the age of 50 isn't poor, they're just morons.

    What's suppose to happen?

    Ugh, nothing happens for me. Why life, why.

    I got a moment of joy out of it. Those moments are always appreciated.

    Hey Kotaku... great job sending us to a site that's most of our homepage's.

    Thrilling investigative journalism.

    There were a lot of hoaxes, April fool’s pranks and several other practical jokes that Google played on their more "gullible" users!
    The most funny Google Jokes:

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