Gorgeous Model Aircraft Make You Realise Your Childhood Was Wasted

Did you build model planes as a kid? I did. F-14s, F-4s, F-18s, even the odd Mig-29. For a kid I like to think I did OK, gluing wings together and painting garish camo patterns on everything, but after seeing these models I feel despondent.

Polish modeller Andrzej Ziober is a master. A planesmith. And the devil is in the details.

Ziober recreates planes down to every last instrument, accessory and component. This means that in addition to the standard stuff like exterior, wheels and cockpit, he adds things like engines, airframes and even ashtrays, things you can't or wouldn't see if he didn't take photos before he put the things together.

What's more is he builds the entire thing himself. They're not based on existing kits. He builds everything from scratch. Which may explain why it takes around five years to complete each model.

You can see a selection of his work in the gallery, and see a lot more (including an interview) at the link below.

Andrzej Ziober [The Internet Craftsmanship Museum, via MAKE]


    This isn't anything special and I don't see why it's on Kotakuuuuuuu

    Have a nice day, all.

    Juts because its about real life hobby's, and not about videogames, does not mean it isn't relevant. Everything doesn't revolve around videogames.

      Well, the mission statement sort of suggests it does:

      (First line of About page)
      At Kotaku Australia, we’re carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture.

      Regardless, there are plenty of plane games and these are some reeealllyy nice models.

    Holy crap that's the most detailed Lancaster model I've ever seen!

    I acutally got a Mig-29f kit from Hobbyco the other day to build and paint for "decoration" in my room.

    Sadly, I could never ever ever do something the quality of this Lancaster. its beautiful.

    I hate people who are talented. I can't even put on waterslide decals well ;_;

    Theres a Lancaster and a B25, I thought it was the one plane at first.


    aaargh, B-24.

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