Guess What Game Just Broke Street Date…

Guess What Game Just Broke Street Date…

Goldeneye 007 Reloaded! Yay? It may not be the game you were hoping broke street date, but there’s always tomorrow for Uncharted 3. That said, I’m of the feeling that these continued street date breaks may end up being harmful to the games industry in the long run, so it would be nice to see a high profile title hold for once.

Anyways — we don’t know precisely who first sold Goldeneye 007 Reloaded, but according to GAME’s twitter feed, they are now selling copies of the game in-store. Those saving their dollars for Uncharted 3 may have to wait.


  • Hahaha!
    I’m saving my dollars for Skyrim, anyway. I have Dark Souls so I’m happy to wait until the 11th for that.

  • Mark, I see these Street dates breaking being No harm to the industry at all, actually Streets date breaks are good for publishers, because 1. press press, 2. creates a frenzy and 3. the publishers and retailers are getting money anyways. Midnight launches, who cares really.

    • People Who Care About Midnight Launches:
      – People who arranged to have the morning off work to play the game on Day One
      – People who were looking foward to the launch entertainment (comps, costumes etc)
      – Staff who were looking forward to a shite load of cash for working overtime
      – Not to mention the store itself, especially the ones locating in shopping centres who have to pay to keep the place open and put on extra security.

  • What do you base Street Dates as harmful to the industry with? Surely Piracy, Digital Downloads, Importing and Second Hand Sales are much more harmful than a game being sold a day or two early, especially if sed game has been out in the US or EU months beforehand.

      • I did and the only conclusion I came to was the money publishers spent to put a date on a poster or some other form of advertising, but sure the majority of people that are wanting a game in so much eager anticipation for it to break street date have put their money down and preordered, and if this is the case, retailers call or advise these preorders when the game is available for sale.
        i admit there was a good point about retailers losing out when their midnight launches get cancelled and expenses incurred by them in relation to this, but that isnt a con in relation to the game industry but more so the retail industry.
        I work in the book industry,and in most cases release dates are just for the month, for example a November new release,which we will get in the last week of the month before, and can go up for sale whenever we get them in store. Except in cases when a title is embargoed then I have to actually sign a 5 page legally binding contract and then their a severe punishments.

    • I believe there was an article published not too long ago about the harms breaking street date does to the industry. One of the reasons I agreed with was the harm it does to the business selling the game, especially if they have created a special event for the release and then lose out big time on costs to hold the event when they no longer can hold the event.

      Street date breaks should only happen when there is a really good reason to do so; for example World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was a break that was needed due to the release timing on the servers that would have put Australian players many hours behind the rest of the players world wide. Releasing game early “just because” isn’t a good enough reason to be honest

  • I just saw a picture of some EB australia game staff holding up a box containing Skyrim on facebook.. to go from that to seeing the headline “Guess What Game Just Broke Street Date…” my mind jumped to impossible.

    I am disappoint.

    • I heard a rumor that k-mart had broke the street date for skyrim and is now avaliable to purchase right now… Please, don’t attack me if i’m wrong I just heard this from a friend. (this is in australia btw)

  • Hey Mark, hope you didn’t waste your time by actually writing that “Uncharted 3 breaks street date” article in advance!

    And if you did, well, I guess you can always re-purpose it for Skyrim.

  • You’re a dick, Serrels. I was already planning my trip to the GAME I have the CE pre-ordered at on my way home. For shame, sir.

  • how exactly is breaking street date harmful to iindustry, I dont follow….. What IS harmful to the economy (not the industry) is selling games at ridiculous prices that noone with access to the internet would buy at

      • see and thats another misinformed view, price is not set by retailers but by publisher, I think many people would be in for a rude shock if they actually saw what sort of mark-up retailers like EB and GAME were making on NEW games, second hand games on the other hand…

  • As much as I really don’t want to encourage street date breaks, I am really hoping Skyrim comes a day or two early. I am looking forward to that game like nothing before.

    • Im was hoping for Sonic (aswell as Uncharted) but only for the awesome collectors edition, not really that fussed on the game

  • Kmart has Skyrim in there catalogue for this week reckon there will be a street date break happening? I hope so elder scrolls is my crack and I need me a fix

  • I really Hope UC3 doesn’t break street date… I still need to finish UC2 by thursday and I’ve just started! xD

  • Meh, no Brosnan and a lot of other changes make this Goldeneye in name only.

    I kindly ask the Gaming Gods to sink this game into non-existence with a clear message; Brosnan or Bust!

    • Most video game publishers/developers who acquire the bond license usually only get access to the current bond. There was one rare occasion during the years EA had the license when they got hold of the Sean Connery bond-likeness/ Sean Connery himself to create a game based on the 007 movie From Russia with Love. This occurred shortly after the years Pierce Brosnan was Bond and they only had the right to make games with his likeness.

      • Oh I’m aware of the licensing issues and such, I just don’t care though 😛 I’m not a Bond fan by any stretch but the only Bond’s I’ve liked have been Connery and Brosnan and since Goldeneye is a Brosnan Bond that’s all I care for.

  • Well for someone who doesn’t own a PS3 and loves the Wii version of the Goldeneye 007, this is actually great news! (don’t know how many people like me there are here! haha)

  • It’s a good game on the Wii and they’ve definately added to an already great game. I would liked to see a classic DLC though, with the classic (unbalanced) levels and classic (unrealistic) health.

  • I actually hope this game is successful for Activision, I find it amazing that they’ve been so quiet all year and then bam 4 big games out within weeks of each other (Spiderman/Spyro/This and then MW3).

    Although yes they are completely stupid/insane to replace Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig the game itself still looks good – only trouble is it comes out AFTER BF3 and slightly before MW3 – it’s gonna get crushed

  • Anyone know of any good launch prices on this? One moment we don’t have a date at all, next minute Game suddenly has it on shelves, but at a ridiculous $88… and no other retailer seems to know what it is according to their websites.

    Will go in and check JB in the next couple of days methinks, see if they have it/what they’re selling it for. Might be willing to pay like $78 for this, considering the fact that it has paintball onboard.

      • Ozgameshop prices include shipping dude.

        Was looking it for it on the cheap local though, as Australian copies have the paintball mode included, whereas with a UK copy it would have to be purchased as DLC.

  • And not two shits was given this day. Very strange time for this game to be released, i know activision doesnt think things through that much, but even this date surprised me.

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