Guess Which Excited Sentence Belongs To Which Video Game Review

With the end of the year approaching, and the inevitable "Best of 2011" lists along with it, Mitch Krpata's Insult Swordfighting has taken a look at some of the year's biggest game reviews.

Well, maybe not biggest. Some of the more excited would be more accurate.

His look is worth looking at, though, because it comes in the form of a quiz! You'll be given 10 sentences from a game review and 10 of 2011's biggest games and have to choose which goes with which.

You won't win anything other than a smile for your efforts. But hey, we could all do with more smiles! Especially us, since we didn't make the cut. First resolution for 2012: more hyperbole!

Quiz: The Year in Swooning [Insult Swordfighting, via GameSetWatch]


    "First resolution for 2012: more hyperbole!"


    I saw a burning human punching a dragon, while the dragon was getting hit on the head by a Giant, a Wolf bit me in the Arse! And when the Giant hit me on the head, I shot up in the air, and leveled up, facing downwards while I did the Splits! F*n epic!

    Is it just me or do they all sound the same after say... the first 2?

    "A strong contender to the title of best game of the year and of the entire generation"

    Yes, yes, yes, dear gods a billion times yes. 61h of gameplay under the belt already, and it's only been out 4 days. I haven't pulled a stretch like that for years. Since Oblivion as a matter of fact... Hmm.

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