Guillermo Del Toro Says His Video Game Is Still 'Two-and-a-Half Or Three Years Away'

Director Guillermo del Toro vows that production on his video game trilogy inSane continues apace even with the attention required for Pacific Rim, his next big cinematic effort.

"Up until the end of pre-production on Pacific Rim, we were still going up to Chicago, to Champaign, Illinois, to work with the developer," Del Toro tells Wired. " I think it's going to be a fun, scary game. It's a maiden voyage into the medium for me."

Del Toro is working with Saints Row developer Volition on inSane, said to be the first offering in a trilogy. Del Toro says the work is proceeding much slower than a film because, "With a video game, you don't have to solve one screenplay, you have to solve 20 screenplays, because you are giving the player the illusion of free will."

"We're really trying a lot of stuff that I don't think would even fly in the movies" he added. Still, "It's still two-and-a-half or three years away, though, because video game development is so long," Del Toro cautions.

Wired has more inSane and Pacific Rim in its interview below.

Guillermo Del Toro Talks Vampires, Giant Monsters and the ‘Arrogance of Science' [Wired]

(Top photo: Kevork Djansezian | AP)

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    If something is that far off, it does not exist in any form apart from his imagination. Therefore, this is literally a report about NOTHING.

    And i commented on it.

      When it comes to getting movies made, Guillermo Del Toro is probably secretly a movie making machine from the future, here to teach us how to love (movies). The guy has made 5 (mostly very good) movies in the last 2 years and has 4 more currently on track for the next two years on top of his supposed InSanity game. He probably has a few other things on the back burner as well.

      If he says it's coming, it is definitely coming. He's not quite Robert Rodriguez levels of prolific, but he gets shit done like few Writer/Producer/Directors can.

        I'd like to see these 5 films he has 'made' in the past 2 years.

        The last film he actually did 'make' was Hellboy 2 in 2008. Director/Writer.

        The Hobbit was DUE to be the next films, but we know how that turned out. He is now credited as a writer and I *think* maybe Executive Producer seeing pre-production was well underway before troubles occurred.

        Lately he has been working similar to someone like Spielberg and having executive producer roles. Great and all, but not made by him, otherwise they would be much greater really.

        All in all, a visionary!

          Oh, I tell a lie... We haven't finished 2011 yet, so I'm going to include a movie from 2009. So six.

          Splice - Producer - A tragically under-rated horror film.
          Biutiful/Julia's Eyes - I haven't seen either so I can't judge, but he produced those.
          Kung Fu Panda 2 - Producer - It was Kung Fu Panda 2
          Puss in Boots - Producer - It was awful. No rose tinted glasses on that piece of crap.
          Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Writer/Producer - It wasn't loved by everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it. Good, solid horror films with interesting twists on old staples are unfortunately given the middle finger so hollywood can make shitty, pointless gore porn.

          So, um... No u?

    Sure, cool cool. But I doubt I'm the only one who would prefer Hellboy 3.

    I want your "At the Mountains of Madness" Mr. Del Toro. I want it before I'm dead.

    Interesting. Obviously reserve judgement on the game itself until its release.

    But in 2 to 3 years there is HEAVY speculation of the new gen of consoles and I see this being at the least a Xbox/PS release. It will be interesting to see MS take on their new gen and whether care for the 360 will continue or be abandoned like Xbox.

    Unless this is being developed for new consoles as well with dev-kits of corse it MAY not turn out AS successful, which I'd like to see if it's great. I'm not totally sure on games success on old-gens once a new console is released, I'm sure PS2 games did very well, but there is that possibility I guess.

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