Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Launch Trailer Shows Off Updated Graphics For Master Chief's Birthday Party

This new clip for the 10 anniversary re-mastering of the first Halo game takes a narrative approach to the lore of the sci-fi shooter. The decades-long war with the alien Covenant collective has humanity pushed to the brink of total defeat

I've seen the updated look of Combat Evolved Anniversary before but seeing it presented this way makes the emotional stakes of the story reverberate a bit more. Sgt. Johnson seems tougher, the Elites come across as more vicious and the Flood seem a whole lot creepier. Despite knowing how it all ends, the trailer makes you want to play Halo Combat Evolved all over again.

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    Awesome! I really hope this one breaks street date :)

      I don't. I have to pick up Saints Row The Third and AC: Revelations on the same day. I don't want to make multiple trips.

    Its the in thing to do right now, breaking street dates

    Only gripe is the world seems so colourful now. I'm not so into the bright colours everywhere.

    I'll reserve judgement but so far the graphics look great but the artistic colour choices seem somewhat childish, yes?

      arguably yes, but the ability to seamlessly switch between this and the original graphics does negate your concern rather effectively

    Looks like they've redone the cutscenes?

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