Halo Pizza Is Here, Fortunately Restricted To The U.K.

Never renowned for fine cuisine, the U.K. is probably the perfect market in which to launch an official Halo pizza from Pizza Hut.

Details are scarce but GamePro reports the Halo: Anniversary pizza will be available from next Monday through Dec. 19. Get one, get a promo code for two free days of Xbox Live Gold.

Pizza Hut's Halo Pizza is a Real Thing [GamePro]


    Anyone one here remember when Pizza Hut used to give out games when you bought a pizza? Those where good times. I got NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most Wanted that way :)

      Yerp, I got an interactive Millionaire DVD with some meal once... was pretty entertaining for the time.

    "Never renowned for fine cuisine, the U.K"

    ... wow

      I'd say that's a fairly good call... the food over there is awful.

        That's a pretty broad generalisation. It all depends on where you eat. I've had a great deal of horrific meals here.

        Maybe no Deep-fried Mars Bar, but dem grey meat pies? *shudder*

          You're right of course...

          However, your being right doesn't negate my being right.

      He's not exactly wrong.

      I think it was said sort of tongue in cheek in reference to Steak and Kidney Pie and Spotted Dick; I don't think malice was intended. But it does sound a little mean :P

    "Italian cuisine chain, Pizza Hut"... hahahahahaha

      I guess they do pasta and pizza.. but still, i've never heard them referred to as this and i certainly wouldn't take my wife to a little italian place round the corner only yo turn up to a pizza joint!

        You should TOTALLY do that. In fact blindfold her for the trip so she thinks it's really romantic and special and film the whole thing, reaction and all.

          Dude, I have a wife and a kid.. this IS a big romantic night out for us now :( lol

    "Never renowned for fine cuisine"

    That's why most of the big TV chefs are British? Makes sense that this borderline racist trash would be from Kotaku US I guess.

    I guess if we're going to generalise, Owen Good, being American, home of the 100 patty burger among other culinary disasters, isn't really fit to judge anyone's taste in cuisine.

    I'd like to point out that I'm not defending British foods. I'm condemning uninformed generlised statements.

      Doctor, Doctor... What fine cuisine foods are the English renowned for? No where in that Article did i see that British make for bad chef's nor do I recall in that post that the Americans where renowned for cuisine foods either.

        This is pretty much my train of thought.
        When he trashed UK I was thinking of Heston/Ramsay/Nigella and so on.

        If you think of the shitty fish and chip shops and whatever generic fast foods.... I GUESS you could lump UK in there, but I doubt it's much worse than America has to offer.

        I did say I wasn't defending British food.

        But okay. Chicken Tikka Masala? That's my food of choice. What about the sandwich? :P Crispy Aromatic Duck? Yeah, a little reaching there.

        Traditional British fare (if there is such a thing with the regional diversity) is no worse than Australia or the US. certainly healthier than the latter.

        I objected to the fact he was saying British food is shit so they deserve a shit pizza (Which appears at a US pizza chain). I've had some great meals in the UK. I've had awful ones too.

          "I’m condemning uninformed generlised statements."

          When you condemn, you need proof. So you need to defend British foods to do that. But the article is saying there not renowned for their food. Which unless you hand out with a very cultured group like Fenix does, it's true. Most people will say fish and chips.

          It also doesn't boast how American nor Australian food is on the same level. We could too be perfect matches!

          I called you cultured... but i think you just said Chef names now that i have read them again lol o0;

          Chicken Tikka Masala? Isn't that one of those Indian dishes with no real proven origin?

            The origin/culture of the food is disputed. It was invented in Britain but by an Indian dude in his restaurant... or so says wiki lol

              Looking at Wiki, it's clearly saying that where/when it was invented is in dispute :P

          Also, damn you. Now I'm craving Tikka Masala like crazy!!

      Sounds like a reasonably well-informed generalisation to me. Food in the uk *is* generally pretty bad. With that said, I do occasionally miss being able to get a big pub feed and a beer for 10 quid.

      Maybe the big TV chefs are often British because they all grew up with such crappy food that they wanted to make a difference? :P

      lol u mad?

      The UK has shit food. Get over it.

      Just like Australia and the US, the only good places to eat are those owned and run by migrants.

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