Halo: Reach Picks Up Anniversary's Maps Next Week

If you have last year's Halo: Reach and aren't interested in the Halo: Anniversary high-definition remastering of the original game, you still can get up the four classic multiplayer maps shipping with it.

The "Anniversary Map Pack" will include six multiplayer stages—Battle Canyon, Breakneck, High Noon, Penance, Ridgeline and Solitary—plus Installation 04, as a Firefight map, for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). It will be available Nov. 15, with the release of Halo: Anniversary.


    oooo can't wait for Space Corridor #1 and Space Corridor #2 and Space Corridor #3 to come out.

    Halo - Crappo

      The maps are looking quite beautiful, though I don't suppose you've seen them yet?

        Unfortunately for me, i played enough Halo to know that the picture above pretty much sums up Halo's environment. Maybe 1 outdoor jungle area?

          U classify the whole ring as 1 area? So in that case COD had 1 outdoor map as well.. After all they never leave earth do they,

          So what you mean is you've played barely any Halo? Cause I sure as hell have seen a shitload more environments that don't look like the pic above.

    The $ issue is, if i buy CE anniversary will i get the DLC for Reach included or will i have to buy it also to play with friends on reach and not with CE?

      From what i have read the Halo Ani pack comes with Reach MP + all the DLC (unless someone can correct me?)

        Unsure about the existing map DLC, but it does come with the CEA maps for Reach. Also unsure if it comes with Reach MP, but I did hear that you didn't need Reach to play them...

          You can play with people who have reach, thats the idea.

      It comes with a multiplayer disk that contains all of the maps from Reach (including DLC maps), as well as the new maps mentioned here, and is compatible with others using the Reach disk (not unlike how O.D.S.T.'s multiplayer disk worked).

        It appears I was incorrect. Halo Anniversary comes with access to Reach's multiplayer, but ONLY with the new maps that are included with the game (everything that is in the 'Anniversary Map Pack'), which you will be able to play via a specific playlist that only uses these levels. All the maps that came with Reach (as well as any of the map packs you may have purchased previously) will not be playable via the Anniversary disc. Very disappointing indeed.

        However, if you have Reach, you can use a code that will come with your copy of Anniversary to download the maps to your 360's HDD, which will allow you to play the Anniversary maps with your Reach disc.

    So ... is it four or 6 maps? The article has two different figures...

      Four *classic* maps. Two new ones, I guess? And then there's a firefight one. So really it's seven!

    Wait, so not all of the classic maps have been remastered?
    This makes me sad.

    Unless of course this means... future DLC.

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