Harmonix Not Doing Too Bad

A couple of weeks ago, Dance Central and Rock Band studio Harmonix was being advised—by someone from the company that sold it off—to make "the world's first immersive shoot-'em-up," using Kinect. Today, the firm reported it is doing juuuuust fine by sticking to the rhythm genre.

Florian Hunziker, Harmonix's chief operating officer, expects $US100 million in revenue, reports Bloomberg, and expects this will be Harmonix's most profitable year ever. Dance Central has sold 2.5 million copies in a year (Dance Central 2 released Oct. 25) and both it and the Rock Band franchise have done a brisk business in downloadable content.

But they aren't sitting on Dance Central, Hunziker said. He told Bloomberg that Harmonix "is developing multiple new music games that won't resemble Rock Band or Dance Central." Should they pan out, he expects even bigger profits down the line.

Harmonix Rebounds With Dance Central, Bets on Music Downloads [Bloomberg]


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