Here Are Some Huge Minecraft Numbers

Minecraft — you may have heard of this game. Recently Mojang's phenomenon finally went into 1.0 full release, and at Minecon, during a developer's conference, the team released some numbers which showcase just how popular Minecraft has become.

Gamefront was there, and reported these incredible stats.

241,920,000 logins per month 1,000 logins per hour 4000 logins per second after 1.0 launch 2,000,000,000 files download by the launcher 11,000 skin downloads (in game) per second


Minecraft By the Numbers (2 Billion Files Downloaded From the Launcher!) [Gamefront]

Thanks VG247


    wonder how many blocks have been mined...

      Or how many giant schlongs have been built.

        Just one. Each giant schlong merges with each other one in a great quantum schlong.

          Quantum schlong, hey? Hmmm, the smallest possible unit of schlong... Interesting concept!

            That would be the planck shlong, the quantum shlong is one whose speed and orientation are changed when observed.

              I wonder if that quantum schlong has a beard yet...

    241,920,000 logins per month is cute number but how many unique players?

      My thought exactly.

      How many logins are from drop outs too.

    I jumped onto Minecraft over the weekend while the missus was playing Skyrim, and the game doesn't feel finished. At all. I can gain levels, but the levels don't do anything. I can visit villages, but the villagers don't do anything.

    I think I'll stick to creative mode until they actually release a finished game with adventure mode.

      once you craft an echanting table, you spend the xp you going on weapon/tool/armor upgrades.

      Villagers don't do anything, though

      thats part of the fun especially on a multiplayer map when each new update results in any unsearched areas being different since it only loads once you discover it. some really funny divides in the landscape occur.

    anyone whos hosting servers getting that annoying "Connection Lost Server responded with an invalid server key" glitch constantly?

      I was getting it last night trying to join a server I've been playing on.

        seems to be a bug thats appeared in 1.0

        not sure if its the server side software or the client side thats causing it though...

        on the bright side, my server now shows a connection status on the client side, in the past it just came up with a communication error but if you clicked it it worked no problems... very odd...

      Try using "direct connect" to log on to servers if you're getting the “Connection Lost Server responded with an invalid server key” glitch. That usually works for me.

      I got that last night, but after about 10 retrys I got through. Animal breeding FTW!

    Still can't understand the popularity of games like this and Terraria. I swear it's almost as if they're good at being bad.

      whats bad about them? the graphics? - part of the charm.

      I've never really played terrarria, but minecraft is majorly addictive. Building fortresses and stuff in creative mode, or massive mine complexes searching for rare ores and material...

      Its like lego!

      honestly i don't see how terraria relates to minecraft at all.. minecraft being 3d, terraria is just one plane? so you can go forward... or back. really, REALLY boring to me. Plus it doesn't have fucking dragons or enchanting tables. minecraft ftw

    Um Kotaku isn't the bigger stat this;

    So far 16,779,910 people have registered and 4,126,369 people bought the game.

    This means if 4.126m people have purchased a $26.95 US game then the MineCraft creators look to have made over $122 MILLION dollars.

    That is insane. No publisher to rip em off and most of it excluding hosting and creation costs is pretty much pure profit.

      The price only became $26.95 last week. I bought it for 10EURO over a year ago back in alpha.

        well even at $10 euro, if they've sold $4.165 then they've made $41.65m Euro.

        now that's still walkin around money.

          Point being? I don't understand why people feel the need to bring in "Oh that's a lot of money!" and the the associated arguments with it. The only time when money should be an issue is when a studio/team is in need of capital and you feel they need the support.

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