Here Is Sony’s UMD Solution For PS Vita Owners

Here Is Sony’s UMD Solution For PS Vita Owners

The PS Vita does not use UMDs. Instead, it uses cartridges and digital downloads. The UMD is going extinct, putting current PSP owners in a bind should they want to play their PSP titles on the Vita.

Today, Sony announced its solution: UMD Passport.

Starting December 6, the UMD Passport service will start in Japan. Here’s how it works: Download a free app called “UMD Registration Application”. After that, enter your UMD game disc into your PSP, and according to the on-screen prompts, register your UMD via your PSN Account. The UMD will then be available for purchase.

Once the PS Vita is released in Japan on December 17, you can then download the title on your new Sony handheld. According to Sony, the games will be available at an “agreeable price”.

Currently, 40 game companies are offering 200 UMD titles as part of Sony’s UMD Passport program. The digital versions of the games are priced anywhere between ¥100 ($US1.29) to ¥2400 ($US31).


  • wait. so… we prove that we own the UMD and then instead of getting a digital copy of the game credited to our account we get a *discount* on the digital version of the game?

    Is that a solution?

    • What’s to stop people from just borrowing a friend’s library and getting these discounts? UMDs are Read-Only, they have no individual product codes or anything.

      Additionally, are they seriously asking people to buy PSP games TWICE?

  • Errmm…..

    So just to double check I read that right. Sony is giving *me* the opportunity to *buy* the games I already own *again* as DL for Vita by registering?

    Or of course there’s option B I keep my still working PSP and play on that instead =P

  • they shouldnt have set up a program at all. these previous comments show just why. there is no way of sony knowing whether or not you “own” the game. why should they then give it to you for free. you and your mates might have a collection of hundreds together and all register each of them.

  • If it was $1.29, fine I’ll accept it and applaud their efforts. Anything more would be just trying to rip-off their existing loyal customers.

    I mean, they do have to do a little work on uploading the game and keeping it on a server, so paying a dollar for the convenience of playing PSP games on the Vita is worth it I believe.

  • From US$1.29 to US$31. Isn’t the price range too broad? Besides, what if I have 50 UMB games???… this is just too much, I guess I’ll stick with PSP for UMB games.

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