Here’s How To Cook Skyrim Soup

Here’s How To Cook Skyrim Soup

Bethesda’s latest RPG hit presents players with lots of things to see, hear and shout at. You can add taste to that list of action words, too, Gus Mastrapa’s already catalogued what he’s been eating in the game’s virtual world but the lads at Joystiq have brought one of Tamriel’s medieval recipes into the modern-day kitchen.

Joystiq’s Dave Hinkle and Alexander Sliwinski took The Gourmet’s Uncommon Taste from one of Skyrim‘s many in-game books and tried to follow the steps as best they could. The results are good, I guess? But you’ll need to make The Potage le Magnifique yourself to see if it lives up to its name. I’m guessing if really going to make men weep like the Gourmet says that it’s going to need some salt and pepper. Maybe some garlic, too.

Joystiq of cooking: Skyrim’s ‘Potage le Magnifique’ [Joystiq]


  • Ewwwww.
    Flour thickened carrot and onion porridge?? Grosse.

    If your going to do it do it right! Triple the amount of onion at LEAST.
    Cook it in your camp oven till soft then remove.

    These guys have obviously never made a rue? Butter first then flour, mix, cook then slowly add stock. Duh!

    Once the stock is thickened and simmering add your pre-cooked onions and carrots and cook the shizzle out of it till the carrots are soft.

    Now THAT’S a flour thickened onion and carrot porridge.

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