Here’s One Way To Save Some Money On The Latest Call Of Duty

Here’s One Way To Save Some Money On The Latest Call Of Duty

I love the series. I think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 inches the franchise forward. I’d even tell a friend to buy it. But I still El Oh Eled when I saw this over on Reddit. 3000dollarsuit writes: “Just saved myself $US90 :D”


  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. As soon as I saw the menu I was angry because it’s almost identical to MW2. The graphics aren’t much better either. Their engine is really showing it’s age now. Time to do some REAL work, IW and Activision.

    • I agree. It’s just like how in Star Wars they had another Death Star, and there were still Jedi using “the Force” and “lgihtsabers”, and they just copy and pasted Stormtroopers everywhere. Jeez Lucasfilm, what were you thinking with your so-called “sequel”?

      • Gronk is right it is looking old and if they use a new game engine for the next iw game I’ll be genuinely interested. Mw3 is new this week but really it is three years old

  • Everyone could see this coming from a mile away, and it was given away by their first trailer. Nothing has changed in terms of technology. With the whole issue going on about Infinity they would never have gotten a special engine upgrade.
    It was like glass, totally see through. We all knew it, that’s why I wanted BF3.

  • It does feel more like DLC than an entirely new game but even before the release of MW3 I found myself returning to MW2 over the likes of Black Ops and BF3 so for me this great.
    I understand that there are a few disappointed people out there though.

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