Here's Skyrim On "Max" Settings

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has four graphics settings. Earlier this month, Kotaku showed those settings -- Low, Medium, High, and Ultra.

Website TechSpot put the game through its paces, comparing the Low, Medium, High and Ultra settings, and whipping up a setting of its own: Max. In short, the site maxxed out the game's PC version, running the game not just in Ultra settings, but at its fullest resolution and bells and whistles as well. In reality, this is "ultra ultra", but here, it's max.

The differences are not always night and day, and sometimes it feels like they are splitting hairs. But here's what the game looks like when pushed close to the edge.

If you are interested in seeing how the PC version stacks up to the console versions, well, this post is for you.

For full-sized images and more info about the setting nitty-gritty, swing by TechSpot.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Performance Test [TechSpot]


    All they did was put all the settings in the launcher config to max. And depending on the pc, they default to this. As did mine and alot of others. Sure the pictures are ncice to see the difference but Techspot have done nothing new that most other sites showing these pictures have already done.
    Now if they had gone into the ini and really "maxed" the game out then that would be news worthy. Like doubling the grass distance, better shadows etc.

    Didn't we already have a article exactly like this?

      Yup here is the article.
      And depending on the pc Kotaku used the only difference may have been the resolution. Given that the Techspot pictures are so zoomed in and crap looking you would not notice anything anyway :|

        Edit. Pictures not courtesy of Kotaku but via a bethesda forum member.

    And the point of this is what? All it shows is that Bethesda games have never pushed the boundaries graphically. Everyone already knows that.

      You have to be the most miserable poster on this site dude. Seriously.

    True max settings are found here:
    Set your graphics to ultra and every option to the maximum, and then go tweaking the .ini and prefs as per the linked page.

      Oh, and then go skulk on SkyrimNexus for higher resolution water, bodies, faces, eyes, lips, towns, and rock textures. Real max is achieved when modders say so, not Kotaku.

        And as the guy at that website mentioned. If you really want to tweak the hell out of Skyrim wait for to finish his guide. Koroush Ghazi has always been the guy to go to for tweaking games.

    Why does high look better than Ultra?

    This picture sums up my opinion on Skyrim's "Ultra" settings...

    This comparison is pretty crap, most of the additional graphics options have to do with distance, these are all close up pics

    Ultra looks terrible compared to high. I think somebody made a mistake there.

    what the hell is everyone's issue?? Yes. No point article but who cares? This is one of the most engrossing games I've played in years and I have have played all the elder scrolls and Bethesda games

    Shitty comparison pics.

    and like anything just because a screenshot looks good doesn't mean the normal thing will

    I have Skyrim at maximum settings with all the possible tweaks (like literally all of them that are feasible) along with many very nice texture mods that have already come out and Skyrim looks absolutely amazing.

    Comparing what my game looks like to that of Skyrim on consoles is like comparing a ps2 game with a newly released PS3 game.. with all the tweaks, texture mods, ambient occlusion turned on with my nvidia card, a field of view of 90 along with a smooth 60 frames per second.. nothing can beat that experience

    It could just be me, but does the "High" setting look better than both the "Ultra" and "Max" settings on the second lot of pictures? The one with the rocks.

    It's a lot more noticable when you actually look at full scenes in motion. That dragon 300m away strafing riverwood looks a hell of a lot better on ultra than medium.

    blah blah wah wah max

    It's kind of funny that the ultra settings are the only ones that show a really bad moire effect.

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