Hey Kids, Cave Story Is Now Out On The 3DS, And It Looks Like This

From NIS America and original developer Nicalis comes Cave Story 3D, a game that graphically overhauls a title that really needed no graphical overhaul. How’d that work out? Let’s take a quick look.

There’s late to the party, and then there’s arriving there a couple of years afterwards with a party hat and a bottle of champagne, looking all hopeful. I got to the Cave Story party a bit late, but just in time for the relatively faithful WiiWare port of the original retro-tastic PC indie game.

If you’ve only just arrived in time for Cave Story 3D, with its 3D polygon graphics and enhanced eye blurring technology, you’re incredibly late, and probably need to travel back in time a few years so you can play the original title. That way you can bitch about how much better it was like I do.

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