Hollywood's Skyrim Party. This Is It.

Last night in Los Angeles, Bethesda threw a superstar shindig for its superstar game — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In attendance were an array of celebs: Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame, Tiffani Thiessen, David Arquette, Christina Aguilera and more.

Xbox 360 demo kiosks were on hand at the Belasco Theatre, where Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction also performed.

The gallery above provides a rundown of the evening, from the red carpet to the Belasco stage, and (almost) everything in between.

Never mind how how many of these famous folks have actually heard of The Elder Scrolls before last night, that's not the point. This is Hollywood.

Top photo: Jason Merritt/Getty, Photos: Getty


    And no one believed me back in 1998 when i said the gamers of the future would have large amphitheaters to celebrate new games, with laser beams, hot chicks, lasers and rock music.

    Jane's Addiction + Skyrim? ... hrmm... I'll have to mix that up at home and see how awesome it turns out

    Man, I would love to hear some quotes from these people after they get asked about the game. Something like "What's your favourite class/race combination and why?". It's basic, but it'll make them fail, with hilarious results.

      "Ummmm. I'm aa..... an Elf warrior?"

    Glamorous LA red carpet premiere for a Fantasy RPG... this is too much of a paradox for my brain to contain!

    Did Lindsay show to bare her teeth?

    Damn, how baked is that dude in pic one? lulz

      Yeah I thought the same thing when I saw him too. He is all like "She's not my mother, Todd" (Terminator 2)

    Ok so I recognized 3 people there..

    This was totally unnecessary and srsly apart from christina aguilera who the fck r the rest of the ppl? It just kills the game. This is a fantasy open world game not Celebrity Sims for crying out loud. This bullshit makes me cringe and really, put me off buying the game.

    I only recognised two celebs there. Anyone knows who's who in each photo?

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