Hooters Opens Video Game Bar Arcade In Vegas

Hooters Casino Hotel's newest addition is a 21-and-over video game arcade that features classic arcade games, drink-serving "gamer girls" and private video game console booths.

Joystixx's November 11 opening follows the opening of Vegas arcade bar Insert Coin(s).

I haven't been able to reach anyone at Joystixx to get a better sense of their arcade game offerings, but Yelp users haven't been kind.

"Not much here. When they first opened last week they did not allow drinks or food inside. They now do. They don't play music or have any audio such as the football games on their small TV screens. A security guard stands guard. I don't know why, there's no one there. They have three pool tables, two pinball machines, about five arcade games, a punching bag and basketball shooting game. I don't know how much any of them are because I left right away."

The idea of another barcade sounds great, but the few casino arcades I've been to in Vegas have been terrible. Maybe they should leave this business to folks like Insert Coin(s)' Chris LaPorte who are passionate about the games they carry.


    Oh dood! That is tits! I mean.. that is big fat Oprah tits right there!!

    I regularly visit Vegas. Hooters is a dump.

    I might be a gamer but I'm also a gambler and I have taste. I'd rather go up the road to the MGM Grand (liberal rules hand shuffled S17 blackjack for $10 a hand, with comped drinks!!! typically its $25+ at most casinos)... or even better, to Aria and Bellagio a bit further up the Strip.

    Agreed......Hooters Hotel really is a dump.

    I went to InsertCoins 2 months back and boy, the wife and I had the best time until they closed the doors at 4am. They found out we were on our honeymoon and they put the drinks on them, plus I got to beat some locals in Fifa 12, play many awesome retro arcade game while my wife made some friends from 'crazy horse' and got my first hands on of Mortal Kombat, which I have now imported. We did not (re: could not) do anything the next day and still don't remember how we got home. Visit Insertcoins if you go to Vegas. Amazing!

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