How Link Really Carries All That Crap Around

You didn't think he had magic pants, did you? An enchanted backpack? Nope. Poor kid's gotta lug everything around the hard way.

No wonder he grunts every time he has to swing that Master Sword.

link stuffs [WakaBee @ DeviantArt, via Tiny Cartridge]


    A picture depicting the ridiculous nature of game gets funnier every time. -_-

    He needs to buy more bombs. Can carry 40 and only has 2.

    Aren't those bombs meant to be in a bag?

      not in "a link to the past"

    Do a metal gear one, snake must pull that stinger missle launcher out of his ass

    He's not lugging that much. No more than regular infantary.

    I knew I could find it.... the 'inspiration' Im guessing for this pic maybe?

      Even earlier inspiration?

    Link is left-handed...

    maybe he grunts a every time hes swings his sword because he has a hammer hanging in his nuts

    Now all we need is a minecraft one!

    He should weaqr cargo pants

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