How Long Can You Listen To Mario Talking?

Charles Martinet has done a great job voicing Mario over the years. But part of that great job is that his lines are usually short. Mario is too busy jumping to launch into lengthy monologues.

So Nintendo's decision to have Martinet do Mario for over five minutes in this commercial is a strange one. I mean, you'd think it's a good idea! He's Mario, and Mario is Nintendo!

But see how long you can last watching the clip above before you have to punch out. I could make it 1:30. Ashcraft bailed in just over 20 seconds.


    I watched the whole thing yesterday.

    It wasn't even that bad.

    I thought it was cute. :3 Woohoo!

    I remember wasting my time pinching Mario in Mario64.

    The funny thing is there's probably more voicework in here than in his entire career as Mario before this point.

    Oh my god... I just made it past 2 minutes before I realised that he is starting to sound just like Jar Jar Binks... NOOOOO!!!!

    Seems fine to me. I got bored because I have a 3DS and already know all this

    Yeah I watched it on another site yesterday. Was weird but not annoying. More funny in a completely non politically correct stereotypical way. Con the Fruiterer came to mind.

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