How To Cheat Your Way To Level 50 Archery In Skyrim

Maybe it's not cheating, not entirely. It's really just finding a way to take advantage in a world with endless possibilities.

In this video QuebecGaming1 walks us through a fairly easy way to level up your archery to 50 without having to spend a single septim. It involves recruiting a specific non-player character in Riverwood. I'll let the video explain in more detail.

Here's how you can find that NPC and get him to join you as a companion.


    I did this with Aela the Huntress, good times.

    Ah, but that's only if you don't piss him off at the start I'm sure ^_^

    Ya see that guy was dead on the side of the road in the middle of town when I first got there. I thought nothing of it took his stuff cause his bow was better and carried on. Later found out he had a quest or something.

    Actually Ive found alot of dead people lying around in places I havnt been to and in cities.

    orrr.... you know, you could maybe play the game? have actual fun by shooting stuff with your bow? but hey, each to their own.
    power leveling exploits are only really an issue in online gaming where you're letting down the team by being off in a corner somewhere doing something repetitive and boring. like training with an npc and taking your money back repeatedly. hope you get your money's worth out of that, buddy.

      Cause ya know ya can't just replay the game whenever you want. I bet my life savings that if you've ever played a GTA game, primarily San Andreas or Vice City, that you've played it with cheats on and cheats off.

      I used to try and play it legit in one session and another session just full of cheats for fun. Who says you can't do the same in Skyrim and taking advantage of glitches or exploits whilst they're still in the game? Not you, so get over it.

    I keep seeing things like this and I'm so tempted to try them, but then I realised that it just feels so much better earning all these levels myself...

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