How To Get Crazy Battlefield 3 Points (Shit’s Broke?)

How To Get Crazy Battlefield 3 Points (Shit’s Broke?)

Hey EA, you might want to patch Battlefield 3, because there’s apparently a game-breaking exploit. According to YouTube user DarkSydeGeoff, this is it.

Using the exploit, detailed in the above video, players can get over 100,000 XP per game.

Here’s how the exploit works: Join a “Hardcore” game with a buddy on the same squad. Then, both chose the Engineer, and one of you needs to select the robot. The other uses the repair kit. Either you or your buddy shoots the robot, and then the one with the repair kit fixes, or heals, the robot.

And that’s it! In the video, DarkSydeGeoff got 400 XP in under 10 seconds with the exploit, which Kotaku has yet to test.

No doubt EA is going to patch this — as EA should. But when?

Battlefield 3: 100,000 XP+ PER GAME EXPLOIT [YouTube — Thanks asdf!]


  • Reminds me of the guys in Modern Warfare 2 who’d go sit in a quiet room with a respawn beacon and shoot each other for points. It always looked really sordid when you stumbled into one of those rooms. But it was great because you’d get 3 kills out of it and they’d really hate you for it.

    • BF 3Single player does not works becouse in the airfield level is impossible to destroy the escaping vip ( BUG).
      I got many disconnections whit bf3 and origin.
      Origin would not let me login for a whole day telling me” ERROR PASSWORD or EMAIL.
      So I complained hard whit ea support and they ( an idiot called Fernando,1 italian idiot and mafious) suspended my account.
      So I paid in full for this shit of bf 3 but they don’t let me play and don’t fix all problems.
      Ea game is a sh**t company so I gone and bought COD MW3 and I have no problems.

      I’m not an activision collaborator but just a justice to say who working right and fair.
      So I starting cracking ea games and sharing it.
      Check on totternts to get ea games for free.

  • Does anyone else think that this’d be a terrible idea…since there’s no prestige mode in BF3 (I’m pretty sure), how dud would it be to get to lvl 50 in one go and ruin the whole levelling up cool-factor?

      • Fun can be in different forms for different people. I for one enjoy the Superman feeling… but only after beating the game normally, on subsequent playthroughs.

    • this might unlock the badge gear but he still wont have anything unlocked for his weapons and vehicles so he would stil have plenty to unlock

  • Hey, they can ruin the game for themselves if they want to. I’ll level up the good ol’ fashioned way since it gives me something to do.

    • I’d do it. I think it’s boring having to play for weeks just to access the stuff you should have from the start. Maybe now I can enjoy the game more.

      I’m very happy for this video, thank you (^_^)

  • Okay, so who honestly cares about anybodys rank apart from yourself? People don’t go “Oh, that guy is level 30.. He must have put a lot of time into this game.” We only think about our own ranking and our friends, and if you are someone who boosts or know someone who boosts, then all respect is lost.

    • Exactly, ranks don’t mean anything in online gaming. I’m not going to compete against someone’s rank, I’m going to compete against their skill.

      I remember playing MW2 as a first Prestige level 7 player and winning matches against people at high level sixth and seventh prestige. It means nothing. The exception to this being RPGs for obvious reasons 😛

  • really pointless to do that, since the level cap is around 145? i think, which even doing that would take a long time to reach. Not to mention it really has no gain.

    • Possibly banned ;D.

      Assuming they farm, in a match the player will have no weapon kills, not many other rewards/ribbons, possibly no deaths. It would be incredibly easy to find people who did this. Anyone who exploits this is an idiot and deserves what they get imho, but people will do it anyway, broke is still broke.

      • It’d be a shame if they’re statwiped. Maybe they just don’t want to play a game with all the cool stuff locked away. Maybe they just want to enjoy the game. This is just a great way of doing that quickly.

  • Gave this a shot in a private server for shits and gigs. Ended up perfecting it. Both go. EOD bot, one person jumps into a vehicle (unlimited ammo) and just shoot at their own EOD bot while the other repairs it. Saves on suicides too…it gets freakin boring though, definitely prefer to control the skies in a jet

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