How To Make Your Own PETA Friendly Tanooki Suit

How To Make Your Own PETA Friendly Tanooki Suit

Don’t buy Ashcraft’s explanation about why PETA is completely missing the point in its attack on Mario’s Tanooki suit? Here’s an animal friendly way to get your own temporary fur coat. Be warned, it involves rotting food, duct tape and probably just a smidge of leptospirosis.

Vice’s Kara Crabb walks you through the steps which involve dumpster diving, taping rotting food to a thick protective base-layer of clothing and then lying on the ground in an area infested with raccoons. You’ll have to hop on over to the site for the step-by-step, but I’d recommend not actually doing this. My close call with leptospirosis netted me a week’s supply of medication that made me projectile vomit a few minutes after downing the pills. Not fun.

Snuggling Up with a Bunch of Feral Raccoons Is Easy and Fun [Vice, via BoingBoing]


  • Tanuki are vicious little bastards so yeah… Don’t do this. It’s a Bad Idea.

    Unless you film it and post it on youtube. Then I’m all for it.

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