How To Occupy Scribblenauts In Eight Easy Steps

How To Occupy Scribblenauts In Eight Easy Steps

The fantastic image you see above is courtesy of someone named crzisme over at Reddit, and is an actual in-game screenshot! A pretty realistic representation of the Occupy Together movement, wouldn’t you say?

As you may know, Scribblenauts allows you to type almost any noun into its database, and the game will create an animated version of what you wrote. What I will explain to you was done with the iOS version of the game, Scribblenauts Remix.

Are you wondering how you can replicate this for yourself? Well, wonder no more, as we take you through which words you need to type into the game to create your own protest! Just follow the steps below:

1. Type “Skyscraper”. You need something for your protesters to rally outside of, right?

2. Type “CEO”. He, of course, represents the one per cent.

3. Type “Mask” and select the (Fun) version, then place it on Maxwell. It seems to be modelled off of the Guy Fawkes mask, and will begin the transformation into a concealed protester!

4. Type “Wig” and place it on Maxwell. Have to make all of your protesters look the same, after all!

5. Type “Black Suit”, “Black Pants” and “Black Shoes”, then place them on Maxwell. You’re anonymous-looking now, aren’t you?

7. Type “Person”. Do this as many times as you’d like to grow your protester army! (Tip: Using the CEO models as protesters actually works better; a regular person’s hair sticks through the mask or wig!)

8. Recreate all of the wearable items from above (Mask, Wig, Black Suit, Black Pants, Black Shoes) as many times as you need. When you’re done, place them on your protesters to finish the job.

Congratulations! You’ve recreated the scene perfectly, and now have a veritable army of protesters gathering outside this unnamed building to yell at that unnamed CEO. If it helps with the immersion factor, you can pretend that CEO is your most hated name in business. Now go get ’em!


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