How To 'Undress' Your King Of Fighters XIII Fighters

Now, you can't really undress your fighters in King of Fighters XIII. However, you can customise them. You know what that means? You can "undress" them!

As a Japanese KOF site pointed out, it's possible to change the colour of the fighter's clothes.

What players do with that customise mode and which bits of clothing they colour is up to them. So far, the results have been outfits that look torn and bodies that look exposed.

The King of Fighters XIII will be released on December 1 in Japan. More ripped clothing customisation will commence shortly thereafter.

King of Fighters? Oh no, king of flashers.

KOF XIII : カラーエディットの脅威・脱衣KOF編 [KOF紅茶]


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    I started reading this, and my brain said, "I bet this is from Brian Ashcraft".

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    Mark Serrels needs to post more to counteract Ashcraft.

    A nice change of pace from the skyrim this, skyrim that articles. If you lot have such a big problem with stuff rom Ashcraft, then why read it? It clearly says who wrote the article on the main page.

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      The Skyrim articles make a nice break from "Cosplay this", "Naked Women that", "Wacky Japanese everything else" articles. If you have a problem with the Skyrim articles, don't read them. It clearly states it in the tags on the front page.

      Just trolls trolling trolls.

      (Sorry, it was just too hard to pass up)

        I do have to say that I don't actually go into them, read them, and complain about them. I know... I'm crazy.

    I think it's useless to bash Ashcraft in here since the US site actually blocks all comments from the AU site.

      Ha, really? Well now I know not to waste my time.

    Anybody know where I can get a copy in Australia? Most shops seem to have missed the shipment or have discontinued it (EB) before even starting it!

    IRL!? whhhhaaa

    I hope you all remember or realise that this site's name is based on the japanese word 'Otaku', a word that justifies the posts of these 'wacky' articles. If you aren't happy with the articles then it would be better to whine less in kOTAKU?

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