I Think Nintendo Is Promoting Its Next Game To The 1%

The back of the Mario Kart 7 box encourages shoppers to "take racing to new heights with the all-new glider". That's cool.

The back of the box for Namco Bandai's Active Life: Magical Carnival urges gamers to "ride magic carpets, flying brooms & learn magical tricks!" That sounds great!

And then there's the back of the box for Nintendo's final Wii game of 2011, Fortune Street. See above. It doesn't scream "fun", does it? It kind of screams for someone to occupy Fortune Street.

Let's hope that we can't judge a game correctly by its back cover and that Fortune Street, a Nintendo and Dragon Quest-themed virtual board game, has more joy in it than it first appears. We'll play it here and let you know by the end of the week.


    What a ridiculous article.

      Maybe I should elaborate.

      This game sounds interesting and I've never heard of it before. I'd appreciate something more from Kotaku about this other than some weak attempt to piggy back on the Occupy movement.

      I think this game will have more appeal than Mr Totilo seems to appreciate.

        Same I've never heard of it either, I'd be interested to know what the game is like before I dismiss it.

    Wow. They've finally localising an iteration of Itadaki Street.

    I was reading a preview of this a few days ago. I'm actually very interested.

    It sounds like a more complex version of Monopoly except that the game ends as soon as someone loses, which is a very good thing. Being able to buy someone else's property out from underneath them also sounds fun.

    I've read up a little on this game, and I want it.

    Ah comeon.
    I'm on an Australian site to get away from the OWS references.

    Looks like poor marketing. They make it sound uninteresting.

    I wonder how well this game is going to sell. If they added mario to the title, it would sell like crazy!

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