If Only There Were Actually Video Game Awards This Funny

Today, the nominees for the annual Spike TV VGA Awards were announced. It is a God-given right for people to bitch endlessly about awards shows, and so the moment the nominees were announced, a huge number of people jumped on twitter to joke, complain, and generally carry on about them.

(For example: The outrageous snub of The Witcher 2 in the Best RPG category. I am outraged!)

(No seriously, I am outraged.)

Shortly after the announcement, the #RejectedVGACategories hashtag got going, and the results were outstanding. Some were funny, several were mean, and many were insightful. Some actually offered categories that I'd love to see in real life! I compiled a bunch of the best, funniest, and weirdest ones here.

The hashtag is still going strong, so there are doubtless already a bunch more good ones. If you'd like to go cast votes on the VGA Awards website, you can do so (though the VGA Advisory Council still chooses the winners). Seeing as how they aren't accepting write-in nominees, I think I'll just go replay The Witcher 2 and quietly cry instead.

Werezompire prompts a rueful chuckle.

Morbidorable thinks we should give the Bronies some more attention. Fair enough, they are an ever-growing contingent, after all.

Aww, Breterbies makes me sad about the 3DS library all over again.

Jonny_Wags keeps it real.

Hmm, no idea which game IndieScent might be referring to.

Ivan2294 submits a potential comments-section bloodbath.

AKvltGhost makes me laugh and wish I could actually vote on this one.

Hell, PontiusPyrite's category could become a tradition. Unfortunately.

Not all of the tweets were outlandish. I like EdibleToaster's idea, though Skyrim would totally win in a walk.

ETPC1's suggestion would actually be difficult to decide. Maybe Crysis 2? I think that may have happened more than once in that game, even.

Matthew Burns, aka MrWasteland, never fails to disappoint. This is actually a valid one, in a weird sort of way.

isaackarth raises another one that would be fun to see at a more granular VGAs. Maybe the ICO re-release would win this one… it sure as hell wouldn't be Dead Island.

With my favourite "real" suggestion, AttObl suggests "Best Love Interest." Which is getting a bit into MTV's Movie Awards territory, but hey, this ain't the Oscars. Anyway, who would win this one? I'm genuinely curious.

jaypullman suggests "Least Boring Load Screens," and gets me thinking -- will any game have better loading screens than Bayonetta? I'm hard-pressed to think of one, no matter how fun it is to ogle Skyrim's various weapons and character models.

Two words, AdamUltraberg: Arkham City.

I have no idea why, but dehamunise's suggest made me laugh the hardest.

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    The Kanye West one is golden.

    There really needs to be an awards show that includes stuff like this... a razzies for video games.
    The Nukems maybe?

      "The Nukems"


        As much as i like Duke and DNF, i have to admit that 'The Nukems' does have a ring to it

      And the winner of Most Vent Shafts Ever is...Deus Ex Human Revolution and here to accept the award is the main protagonist Adam Jensen.

      "I never asked for this"


        And if Star Wars has taught me anything, it's that vents are a security hazard dag nabbit.

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