If Quake Was Made Today, This Is How Annoying It Would Be

Just imagine Quake with achievements, hand-holding and other elements of modern games. Watch this video made by YouTube user kmoosmann and prepare to sigh.

If Quake was done today [YouTube, via Twitter]


    Kids of today have it so easy they takejump buttons for granted. I dare a modern developer to put in a level where you have to rocket jump to complete it, let the little ones cry. >:)

    what jump?

    doom 1 didnt have jump

      But Doom 1 had auto aim...

    Oh I do miss the rj from my quakeworld days. its funny that the bunny hop was the most basic skill one had to learn to get around the map quickly in a dm

    Excellent Bill Cosby reference!

    Also just my own opinion, but I found the whole twitchy doom mechanics too much for me. I played and enjoyed all of these games but when it gets to the point that the only 'way to play' is to bunny-hop around and rocket-jump off of things it is just ruined. I'm playing a game, not an esport.

      I agree. I never played doom 1 or quake 1, but watching these videos of how people play the game, I never want to. I don't mind taking my time to do stuff. Portal 1 is about the closest thing I have played that comes near to what these guys do in quake (and that was only because you had to do all the chambers in a certain time for an achievement!). It's sort of like the speed runs for Mario, I like watching people do it because the skill is amazing but I'd never be bothered. Got other games to play.

        What are you, twelve? His main point is that games these days hold your hand too much, they used to be CHALLENGING back in the day. His 'Watch bots do it' thing was the perfect example. Why would you even bother playing such a gimped environment?

        You don't have to do those things in the video to complete the game. In fact rocket or grenade jumping all the time would deplete your health.

        I completed the game without any of that. Rocket jumping may be necessary in competitive death match, but not in the levels.

        Doom doesn't even have rocket jumping, except for a few sections using invulnerability to get to a secret. Mt Erebus level.

    I'm balancing a Jim Beam stubby on my gut and using my diaphraghm to pour it into my mouth.

      Internal intercostal muscles, not your diaphragm.

    Shoot... the community had to beg the developers of Tribes:Ascend to put jump INTO THE GAME. That game will be this video come to life.

    I love this video.

    "Graphics: ON/OFF"

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