In 10 Minutes, We’ll Show You How Uncharted 3’s Co-Op Campaign Works

In 10 Minutes, We’ll Show You How Uncharted 3’s Co-Op Campaign Works

Uncharted 3‘s campaign is what you’d expect: cinematic adventure with climbing, shooting and good acting. Uncharted 3‘s competitive multiplayer is what you’ve been able to play for over a month, if you were a customer at Subway and took up the offer to download the full suite of competitive multiplayer for free.

Uncharted 3‘s co-op campaign is the surprise. How does it work? How does this “alternate timeline” version of the series start? We played part of the first chapter today and can show you how it comes together. Check out the video.

Considering the increasing prevalence of co-op in video game story modes, who’s to say this kind of thing won’t be the main way to play some Uncharted of the future?


  • Looks alright. Will be getting this for the campaign anyway, but nice to know the missus can join in as well!

  • O come on!! – if there is one more article on Uncharted 3 that does not have the headline “Uncharted 3 Has Just Broken Street Date” imma gonna loose my mind

  • rang around to quite a few stores around the country. Apparently JB HIFI at The Northland Homemakers Centre and SHopping Centre HAS NOT Receieved their stock but said that at about 5PM this shipment is due and you should call them then if your really hanging for a copy, they WILL break street date.

    ALSO, EB GAMES say they it but are not are not going to break street date. They were all informed this morning even if GAME or JB Were to release it they had to hold ground until tommorrow. Gametraders Northland same deal as JB.

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