In Skyrim, You Can Put Barrels On Heads. All Of The Heads

We already know there are a lot of things to eat in Skyrim. Also, we know that there are a lot of different characters. People in inns, in castles, in shops…

You can put food in barrels. And all of those characters have heads. Do you see where I'm going with this? If you think about it, it's pretty obvious…

You can put barrels on all of their heads!

I know, right? It seems so obvious, you wish you had thought of it first. I do, anyway. Too bad YouTube user zwoooooosh already had this brilliant idea.

Okay, so this is a silly video. But also a fun way to bide your time until midnight!

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    I want to create a whole town of barrel people

    "Urgh, everybody around here's so serious..."


    HAHAHAHA! I can't believe they are oblivious to what is happening.

    At least have one say, "Hey! It's gone dark!"

    I think I just peed a little.

    wouldn't it have been more lifelike to have realistic reactions to go along with those realistic graphics? what a waste of tech really.

      its called : being made for xbox360.

      If this was a PC exclusive, you would of seen more animations, more people on screen and more stuff happening. The magic word is Ram, and processing speed

        So... you're saying that if this was a PC exclusive, NPCs would go "why did you put a barrel on my head"? Right....

    Until Midnight? I bought it off greenman yesterday, downloaded it last night and booted it up to the main menu this morning before work. Is it not meant to acdtivate until tonight?

      must be a US post cause they are a looooooong way behind us :)

    In Skyrim, You Can Also Raise Corpses As Helpful Zombies. All Of The Corpses.

    One of my friends went a little crazy freezing domestic animals (once he had tired of dual wielding fire and lightning to rain streams of plasma death upon his foes) into iceblocks and then zombifying them. You can raise undead chickens and puppies!

    Combined with this, I wonder if one could put a barrel over an undead chicken and effectively have a pet barrel follow you around until the chicken dissolves. :p

    HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PICK THINGS UP!?!?! that is the one thing i disliked about the game and i was playing it just hating life cause i couldnt pick things up. Instructions for how to pick things up on ps3 would be helpful

      Is it L3 or R3? On PC it used to be 'z' in Fallout 3 and Oblivion but I've yet to figure out how to pick up items in Skyrim... I'm also stuck at the start of the game. In a tent.

        You pick up items by holding 'E'. It's messed with my head a little that they've swapped some of the old controls around... space used to open things, dammit! I'm still loving it though.

      Hold down X. Just holding the interact button makes you pick junk up. I found that out by accident when i kept dragging bodies around.

    That's hilarious! You can also steal things and people won't notice if they have baskets in their heads: (Got linked this video earlier today)

      Baskets on* their heads ...Also maybe in their heads?

    how do you pick things up on the xbox 360

      You hold the A button and press it again to let it go.

      Just press and hold A

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