Infinity Blade 2’s ‘Clash Mobs’ Are Social-Friendly Hack-And-Slash Piñatas

Infinity Blade 2’s ‘Clash Mobs’ Are Social-Friendly Hack-And-Slash Piñatas

Final Fantasy has them. So does World of Warcraft. Heck, the big bad guy with a million hit points is a staple in traditional RPGs, as are their loot-dispensing qualities. Chair Entertainment, the developer behind the eternally replayable Infinity Blade for iOS, will introduce their own take on the “bag of hit points” in the sequel to their 2010 slide-and-slash.

Chair’s founder and creative director Donald Mustard refers to them as “Clash Mobs”. The idea is players get a brief chance to bash the living daylights out of a bad-arse monster with a reasonably unfathomable number of hit points. Most won’t live longer than half-a-minute, but your contribution will be recorded and, when the creature does perish, you’ll be given a special reward.

Mustard elaborated on the feature in a recent interview with Slide To Play, where he mentioned the following:

So for example, one Clash Mob will have you pitted against one of these massive new 25-foot monsters that are in the game. But this particular monster will only be available or around to fight for 24 hours, and he has 10 million hit points. And you’ll get a 30-second chance to do as much damage as you can to him. So let’s say in that 30 seconds, you’re able to do 10,000 hit points of damage before he eats you and rips your body in half.

I imagine it will have a snowball effect — as people see the daily monster edging closer to zero health, they’ll be more inclined to jump in and give it a wallop. It’s quite ingenious from a design perspective. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to go it alone in a 40-man raid, be sure to look up Infinity Blade 2 when it’s released in December.

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