Is "Morning Wood" Really A Map Name In Modern Warfare 3's First DLC?

Grain-of-salt territory here, but rumours have it that Modern Warfare 3's first set of premium downloadable content will feature five maps entitled "Morning Wood," "Concrete," "Park," "Italy," and "Overwatch." The title of the first, and the fact "Overwatch" was a map in Modern Warfare 2, calls for some healthy scepticism. Modern Prestige has what it says are screenshots showing the names of the five maps in question. [h/t Dan Borenstein]


    Good to see that Infinity Ward is still catering to the pre-pubescents.

    "“Overwatch.” The title of the first, and the fact “Overwatch” was a map in Modern Warfare 2, calls for some healthy scepticism."

    Aahaha, so they're doing that same thing they did with MW2 and making you pay for maps that were already made. Capitalism sucks.

      I think you may be thinking of 'Overgrown' which was a DLC map for MW2, that was in fact a map in MW1.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not payin for it, I get it for free from CoD Elite, so any maps are fine with me, as long as they're decent quality, and they keep coming once a month atleast like they promised.

    No such map called Overwatch in any CoD games that I know of. The author needs to get his facts straight.

      It was a spec-ops mission on MW2. The one where one player was controlling the AC-130.

    Wasn't Overwatch a level in MW2 Spec-Ops? A two-player level with one player in a blackhawk with a minigun, the other on foot? I don't remember a MP map called Overwatch.

    you guys remmember that in duke nukem forever there was a MP map called "morningwood"?
    *claps hands at the innovation*

    I've given up caring about pre-release information on things like this. When it's released you'll find out, and who cares anyways? Maybe it's just the fact i've grown up.

    Does it always gotta be a map from a previous game? How about some new material in my opinon I think they just want your money to line their pockets its just lazy besides I guarantee that most modern warfare 3 dlc is just old maps from the other fricken games. Nuff said.

    The original source of the images (which has been taken down now), shows it on the 360, which im guessing means they are on the disc......again :\

      What? Your logic doesn't make any sense.

        COD has never had the map packs on the disk... So how can this be 'again'?

    They must've had a "what can we possibly do to fuck up sales" moment over at infinity ward.

    Just for shits n giggles.

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