Is The 3DS On Course To Outsell the DS In Its First Year In The US?

Is The 3DS On Course To Outsell the DS In Its First Year In The US?

I’m as surprised as anyone considering the atmosphere of doom and gloom surrounding Nintendo’s latest handheld but, according to data from the NPD in the US, the 3DS is looking likely to outsell its predecessor the DS in the first year — in the US at least.

As reported by Gamasutra, the 3DS is currently sitting at 1.65 million units sold in the US for the first eight months of release. The DS managed 2.37 million in the first year, with almost half of those consoles being sold during the holiday period. In addition, the original DS was released in November 2004, meaning it had the benefit of almost two separate holiday periods.

So with two potential juggernaut titles being released in Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, it’s possible that the 3DS may actually end up outselling the original DS. That said, that’s just in the US and, if I remember correctly, the DS didn’t really gather steam until further down the track.

Still, good news overall. I’d like to see the 3DS succeed, and I’m looking forward to Super Mario 3D Land in a very big way.

Nintendo 3DS On Track To Beat First-Year DS Sales [Gamasutra]


  • I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record… but has anyone hacked it to remove the region lock yet? That’s the only reason I haven’t picked one up.

    • Same here, I probably would’ve bought one by now until they started talking about that second analog stick addon. Now i’m just waiting for one with that built-in.

  • Super mario is awesome, 🙂

    also, its because supply has not been constrained like it was for the DS. The DS was suffering from massive shortages for ages

  • If I could be bothered I’d sort back through stories from earlier and find a comment of mine where I stated the DS had a very slow start and that everyone needed to calm down and stop all the doom and gloom regarding the 3DS. A strong holiday season will put the 3DS on the map. It’s perfectly priced for a gift for kids and adults this Christmas.

    • Precisely, the DS and PS3 both had super slow starts, so there’s no reason why the 3DS can’t turn it around. Although I’m a bit worried that the 3DS library is going to end up like the Wii’s, hopefully I’m wrong and Nintendo will release more quality titles on a regular basis.

    • Makes you wonder what would have happened had Sony been able to release the Playstation Vita worldwide though. The 3DS becomes a lot less compelling, even at a lower price tag.

  • Is anyone else getting repeat posts in their RSS feed, specifically from Kotaku? It’s been happening for a week or so now and it’s driving me nuts!

  • I can’t believe I bought both of them (DS and 3DS) on their release dates.

    My DS sat on my shelf for ages until Pokemon Diamond arrived and I fell into the exact same hype I did the first time. My 3DS has barely been used apart from the 30 or so hours in OOT.

    • I’m exactly the same. Apart from OoT I’ve only used it when I bought a used copy of Dragon Quest IX, and then I switched back to my DS because the battery life sucks

  • The 3DS was never selling as bad as the media liked to make out it was. The sales figures compared to Nintendo’s projections were low but when you compared it to the sales original DS or the Wii, it was actually doing quite well, especially seeing as it hadn’t hit Christmas yet.

    I love Kotaku but I do have to admit it was annoying see a “3DS is failing” article every second day when it was, in fact, selling decently well.

  • I’m set to be travelling next year and won’t have access to a console beneath the TV. So I’ll need a portable. I want a 3DS, but I cant quite bite the cherry. MK7, 3D Land and RE look like the games for me but I have reservations! First issue is the region lock – not because I want to cross import games. I just want a compatible system. Europe is the same 3DS region as Australia yes? Second is the second circle pad – while I think the add-on might be more comfortable than the naked system, I’m super suspect of a hardware revision making me feel inadequate. Third – Is it actually going to be worth it? I’ve been an underdog supporter for most of my gaming life – but I don’t want to buy another dead duck.
    I watching this space.

  • I was a big Ninty fan as a kid and I didn’t even know they released the DS until the lite came out. I’ll be waiting for the second generation.

  • What was the price of the original DS though throughout its first 12 months?

    I’m sure this article wouldn’t exist if Nintendo didn’t do something about the price of the 3Ds and give a significant drop to its RRP.

    • I cant believe it took 25 commemts for up tge elephant in the room. The units sold required an unprecedented price drop which only brings it par with its predecessor, which itself had lousy first year by any measure.

      Is the unit dead? No.

      Is it time to break out the bubbly? Hell no.

  • Frankly (in spite of the price drop) I’m waiting till that right analogue stick is standard and not some hideous add-on

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