It's Harder For Microsoft To 'Accidentally' Take Your Money Now

One of the more unpopular, dark corners of Xbox Live has been the fact that, should you subscribe via credit card, Microsoft liked to automatically renew your membership. Well, the new makes opting-out easier!



    So. . . wheres the article? Wheres the details?

      Exactly! I was expecting, you know maybe some information, or even an article. Like how is opting out easier, for instance?

      Lol read this and thought this gotta be a plunkett article

    seems the latest trend of kotaku; have an "Article" which features an image larger than all the text in the story.

    Ah.. another well-written sentence by KotakuUS.

    While this "article" is a travesty, it is good to see that Microsoft finally fixed their stupid blunder.

    With these two sentences I have successfully out written this article in terms of it’s word count. It’s times like this I really wish Kotaku were paid for the quality of the content and not for the views per article.

    Would love for the Kotaku Aus guys to get the time/money to rewrite everything from the US site so all of the content is worth reading, not just the local articles.

    Don't care. Make renewal opt-in. Don't make opting-out easier(well actually do that and) just don't have opt-in. I like to decide when and if I pay for video game subscriptions.

    When the picture is bigger than the article itself, it's not a good sign. This could easily have had more details, it's not like you would have been writing words for the hell of it.

    Disappointed Kotaku.

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