It's Kojima, Alright. But She Didn't Create Metal Gear.

In English, idol Haruna Kojima from pop group AKB48 has the same last name as Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. Know what that means? Kojima word plays!

In Japanese, however, Haruna Kojima's last name is written as "小嶋", while Hideo Kojima's last name is "小島". Hence Kojima, make that Haruna Kojima, being wrangled in to promote the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition and Metal Gear Solid HD Edition.

As evident in these production photos and teaser, Haruna Kojima will be appearing in television commercials for the HD Edition versions.

In the teaser trailer, she covers "Kojima Productions" (小島プロダクション) with a post-it note, writing "嶋", making "Kojima Productions" (小嶋プロダクション). Yes, this is all incredibly corny in Japanese, too. But Hideo Kojima seems like a corny guy.

Online, the teaser trailer has been getting loads of hate, with people writing how they don't like Haruna Kojima, her crappy acting, her creepy fans or simply pining away for coke-drinking MGS4 idol Akina Minami.

Why can't people get upset about more important things? Like way overdue new Zone of the Enders or a new Snatcher games?

Kojima Pro [Official Site]


    People who hate on it are just butthurt AKB48 are the most successful music act in Japan ever and hence everywhere; TV, games, advertisements on the street etc.... YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS TO US FANS.

      Wait, what?

      I like hordes of pretty girls dancing in uniforms as much as the next guy, but you are seriously a fan? Of what? Silly bubblegum pop in a language you (most likely) don't understand?

      What is this I don't even.

        Asia pop is an epidemic still not fully understood.

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