Japan, Stop Playing With The Disgusting-Looking Food!

A meat bun shaped like a Dragon Quest Slime went on sale today in Japan. It's probably the grossest thing Square Enix has ever done. Truly, truly horrifying. And yet, people cannot look away — and can't stop playing with the damn things.

Above, Twitter user @UesugiGuy carved up his Slime meat bun as if it were fresh fish. (Of course, nobody eats meat bun like this in Japan, and @UesugiGuy is doing this for shits and giggles.)

Another Twitter user, @AcediaSloth, put the Slime meat bun in the microwave for five minutes to disastrous results. While others created what looks like crime scenes, "murdering" their Slime buns. One person even spray painted a Slime meat bun.

Even Woody and Rilakkuma get in on the action. More photos in the link below.

Top images for スライム [Twitter via Kotaku Japan]

Top photo: @UesugiGuy



    I don't know why you think it's disgusting. If you don't like meat buns that's fine but it's just a coloured meat bun.

    You know what this reminds me of? Yukkuri abuse.

    Look it up if you dare, I wish I never did.

    Somehow I'm not suprised that rapeface woody would find his way in to this.

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