Jay Leno Is A Troll. Blows Up Letterman's Studio In Modern Warfare 3

Thought Leno's jokes during the late night wars were bad? With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, they just got worse.

On tonight's Tonight Show, Leno mentioned how big Modern Warfare 3 was. Instead of showing the actual game, Leno showed the live-action commercial, with his head superimposed.

The clip climaxed with Leno firing a rocket into the Ed Sullivan theatre, where late night rival David Letterman hosts The Late Show. The audience broke into applause.

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Call of Duty Leno [NBC Thanks, Sean!]


    Aren't all talkshow hosts trolls? With Conan being the only successful one

      Letterman's actually funny and was the one who was going to host the Tonight Show after being recommended by previous host Johnny Carson. But Leno basically made a deal with the producers and stole the job, and... then did the same thing to Conan many years after. So basically every talkshow host hates Leno.

      As for whiny kids complaining about how this is "American" news, it's not strictly US, it's pure entertainment. The Late Show is actually on free-to-air Aussie TV and is some of the best-written dialogue and comedy you'll see, if you bothered with something other than being whiny shits.

        I used to love Letterman but nowdays Craig Ferguson is where it's at!

          Paul Schafer and the CBS Orchestra cannot compete with a Gay Robot Skeleton.

            Ding dong. Who's that at the door?

            And Geoff is pretty good too!
            See what I did there?


          This. Craig Ferguson is an entertaining man.

    Oh yay, American Kotaku, more shit I don't give a shit about.

      Pretty sure Ashcraft's from Jap bro.

    Can KotakuAU break-off and make their own site already?

      Agreed. Isn't this why we have the link to the us site?

      If you want to read Bashcraft's "journalism" click on the flag and select US.

      Stop posting KotakUS articles on KotakAU!

      wtf is wrong with you nerds. The late night shows air in Australia and alot of Australians are fans of em - though leno is excluded on both counts.

    Conan is an attention seeking, selfish, ungrateful a-hole who always has to be the centre of attention. He can't get a laugh unless its making an ass of himself. And he knows it.
    Jay Leno is class, hard working and is a great example of someone that started with nothing and became something.
    Late night wars? It's called show business. Leno won.

      "Jay Leno is class, hard working and is a great example of someone that started with nothing and became something."

      That's funny. Funnier than Jay Leno as well.

    Ha! That brightened my day quite a bit. Thank you kotaku :)

    sounds like he is trying to copy how conan does his voice over sketches for video games, those are hilarious, Conan's GTAIV sketch is one of the funniest things ever

    Craig Ferguson is the only late night talk show host there is. All the others are talentless assholes who need to shut up and watch Craig Ferguson.

    lol @ people complaining about it being "American" news. So obviously you don't want news about Skyrim or MW3 or any other game made outside Australia either, then.

      Dont forget the rules of Kotaku AU Mr Waffle

      - complain about length of article
      - complain about whether or not it is 'news'
      - complain about the author
      - complain about US site
      - celebrate master race AU site

        I completely agree. I'm a long time fan of Kotaku, never really post comments, I'm just happy to politely read the excellent - FREE - content that Kotaku offers. I agree that the Australian content is great, but I started reading Kotaku for the maturity of the community.
        This constant moaning and snide remarks are really disappointing and getting old, celebrate the AU content for it's worth, but don't sweat the small stuff people.

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