Just In Time For Christmas, The Batcave Will Be Arkham City's Newest Challenge Map

After being mentioned in the GTTV Presents GameStop Unwrapped TV special on Thanksgiving, it looks like the newest location for players to kick the asses of Gotham's worst criminals is going to be the Dark Knight's innermost sanctum. A new DLC pack's coming on December 20th, which bundles the all-new Batcave challenge map, along with the previously available Iceberg Lounge and Joker's Carnival maps. There's not been a press release about the Challenge Map Pack yet, but Rocksteady Studios confirmed the date on their official Twitter account. No word on pricing yet, but expect it to be in line with the range of previous add-ons for Batman: Arkham City. (Note: The art above isn't from the game.) We'll update when we learn more.

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    1. How the hell did they get into the Batcave? and
    2. Hurry up and release the Batman Beyond skin already.

    How about they work on getting the DX11 Patch out first instead of the DLC? ffs...

      Simple; the people working on hte maps aren't apart of the team that ported it to the PC.

        While that sounds accurate, it's still annoying as hell!!

    does anybody actually play those god-awful challenge maps? i played a couple of them just to get the bronze achievement, but id MUCH rather have some more campaign content, even if its just another side mission.

      +1 campaign, not "punch this same group of people in a slightly different room"

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