Kid Denied Pokémon Cards Freaks Out

Some Yu-Gi-Oh fans were in their local Toys R' Us when they spotted a kid reacting... poorly to his mother's decision to not let him buy any Pokémon cards.

So they did what any group of semi-grown men would have done seeing such a thing: filmed it.

Love the dramatic exit. Though he loses points for not smashing anything on the way out.

Pokémon Card Freakout of the Day [TDW]


    I used to find these funny, now I just find them depressing.

    Spoilt little bitch. He should STFU, learn to work for those cards.

    Holy hell. If I ever have a kid like that I'm putting them up for adoption.

    I used to like Yu-Gi-Oh when I was... 7.

    His mother didn't believe in the heart of the cards...

    I'm sure someone will remix this to super saiyan powerups.

    I was expecting the kid to be half that age... He should be so embarassed.

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