Kinect For Windows Is On Its Way

Kinect For Windows Is On Its Way

The sinister phase two of Microsoft’s Kinect plan picks up steam as the company makes Kinect for Windows impeding arrival official. Are you ready to do everything two metres from a computer screen?

With hundreds of financial, educational and commercial companies signed up to see what Kinect can do for them, next year could very well be the year of standing a few metres away and waving frantically. Microsoft has just launched the official Kinect for Windows website, where hopeful developers can download the newly-released beta 2 SDK.

After spending the past year seeing some rather spectacular amateur Kinect PC development efforts, it should be quite interesting to see what multinational corporations do with Microsoft’s magical camera stick.

Kinect for Windows [Official Site via MSDN Blog]


  • This could potentially be of benefit for HTPC users, allowing them to navigate their TV viewing & movie / music collection from the couch. Hopefully that kind of support will be made available, either from Microsoft or via the community

  • Giving the TV the finger to mute a commercial may just be one of the greatest uses of technology the modern age has given us.

  • unless it works sitting down, less than 1 meter away from its location (below or above monitor) I dont see it taking off in a personal use sense. Because it would be a pain in the ass to use if you have to get out of your seat, move it out of the way, move back a few meters and stand up just to do a command you could of done in less time using a mouse and keyboard.

    Tho I remember Intel had ads showing of there future Motion gesture technology, wonder whats going on there.

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