Kinect + GlaDOS Is Slightly Terrifying

Who needs a hostile little mobile phone when you can drop Portal's malevolent artificial intelligence onto a PC and have her watch you via Kinect?

Corey Thomas has rigged up his Kinect camera's voice recognition to not just operate his PC, but to snap back at hi with canned lines from GlaDOS.

The implementation isn't perfect, nor is it all-encompassing, but for a home-brewed effort it's still pretty impressive!

My Virtual Personal Assitant Part 3 [Vimeo, via technabob]


    So, when can we expect the SHODAN version?

      oooh, hell YEAH. A Shodan version would be amazing. Especially when I'm walking through the lounge in the middle of the night...muahahaha

    I wonder if a HAL one will lock you out of your computer....

    A LCARS one has DECADES of speech to draw from!

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