Kinect Is A Serial Killer, Has The Taste For Blood

For Halloween, Microsoft released an internal gag video that used Kinect as an instrument in a cheesy horror movie. The cheesy parts are a little too cheesy, but the Kinect stuff is interesting.

The influence here is clearly Saw, but I can see something more promising: a modern version of Nightmare, the old VHS board game.

I mean, not every Kinect game has to be about physcial interaction. It's got a camera and voice recognition, surely something like this (though maybe without the screaming and death) could be worth a shot?

Microsoft's comic Halloween sketch — Kinect to kill [video] [winrumors]


    Oh Nightmare. Play the game once and never again.... good thing I haven't made any 'gaming' purchases like that in recent years ><

    My Mum would never let me play the copy of Nightmare that we had because she thought it would be too scary.

    I should try and dig it up (and a VHS player. The horror...)

      Don't do it man! VHS is way to scary!

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