L.A. Noire Creator Brendan McNamara Shopping Around A New Video Game Concept…

And speaking to Eurogamer, McNamara is claiming that it’s “one of the great untold stories of the twentieth century”. Intriguing.

McNamara touched briefly on the concept whilst attending the Bradford Animation Festival 2011.

“It’s pretty interesting,” he claimed. “It’s one of the great untold stories of the twentieth century. So I think it’ll be good.”

He also discussed what happened to the remainder of the now defunct Team Bondi, confirming that a vast number of ex-staff are now working at the Sydney based KMM studio.

“A lot of people who were working on L.A. Noire have gone across to KMM,” he claimed, “some of them to be working on some of the film projects. A lot of the art and animation guys went across. Some of the people have gone to work in different Rockstar studios. I’m personally just writing some new stuff now, which I’ve been pitching around for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll have something to announce on that pretty soon.”

And considering that McNamara has invested in Motioscan, the technology used to create the incredibly animated faces in L.A. Noire, there is a chance said tech will be utilised his new game.

“I own some of the shares, and some other people own some of the shares. It’s a limited company, and there are some other investors in that, too,” said McNamara.

“Hopefully towards the end of that we’ll have the full body stuff up and running. That could be pretty interesting, too.”

Brendan McNamara is making the video game of “the greatest untold story of the 20th Century” [Eurogamer]

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