Let The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bannings Begin!

Banning. If you're playing online and, well, cheating, they're a part of life. The newly released Modern Warfare 3 is no exception.

According to Modern Warfare 3 developer Infinity Ward, the bannings have begun. "1st round of #MW3 bans going out," tweeted Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling. "Any player attempting to play unfairly or boost rank will be banned from leaderboards and from playing."

You've been warned.

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    I'm still not a fan of quick scoping, but IW seem to think it's a legitimate strategy. Still cheap. At least it takes some skill I guess.

      it takes about the same about of skill as akimbo p90's steady aim sprayin like a mo fo

      I'll never accept quick-scoping as a legitimate strategy in a shooter; it's just another of those cheap "tactics" used by people that can't earn a legitimate win without it.

      +1 for all of the above.
      Just another "exploit" to circumvent the natural limitations of scoped weapons and to impose an artificial bias on game combat.
      Just a matter of time before we see waves of poipose jumping sweep through the servers.

      IW know that letting tards ruin a game is the surest way to make people buy the latest iteration.

      i think its because when it was removed in Blops, everyone bitched about it and complained, and they thought keep it in their so people will buy it and play it over Blops. In MW2 i gave it a try, took me around 30 minutes to get the hang of, and it isnt skill at all. Sway left and right, scope, let aim assist shift over target and fire before you scope too far, and on a bolt action its a OHK almost all the time. These are the same nobs who played as recon when BF3 was released and tried the same thing, and had a cry because apparantly real world limitations such as gravity is preventing them from quickscoping, then went and thought jets were an easy way to get kills like CoD killstreaks, and crashed and burned.

    "Genuine Infinity Ward game, 100% new product guaranteed"

    I think i'll be headed back to Black Op's. Quick scoping is killing my life and the ability not to be able to choose local servers on the xbox 360. it took IW 6 months to add local servers to MW2, why didn't they leave it in MW3????

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