Let The Xbox 720 Concepts Begin!

Let The Xbox 720 Concepts Begin!

Now that rumours about the next Xbox console are flying thick and fast, those with an eye towards the future and a hand on their mouse are dreaming up concepts of what the next machine will look like.

Here’s the first credible one I’ve seen in the wake of the recent rumours, which is the work of Yanko Design’s Joseph Dumary. His “Xbox Prestige” envisages a case design similar to that of the current console, only this one includes a 2TB hard drive, 8-core processor and, perhaps most importantly, packs Kinect right into the main package, the lens peering out at you from where the USB ports are on the older Xbox 360.

Xbox Evolution [Yanko Design, via WinRumors]



  • The Kinect being integrated like that would never work. It needs to be in a specific spot above or below your TV, and you just can’t do that easily with the system itself in a lot of cases.

    • Exactly at the very least it would be eyetoy/Wii sensor esque. With the camera on a cable to the console. And the hardware all in the xbox

    • so? The original ps3 looked like a George foreman grill, the wii looks like a pc dvdrom and the 360 original looked like some overheated minitower as is.

      • That’s true enough, nothing wrong with a tower but something sleak like an Apple TV (Although obviously bigger would be aesthetically pleasing… If you’re into that stuff.) would be nice too. Maybe. *shrugs*

        • I see your point but I’d like something like above tbh, its nice, sleek looking and would fit in well with any television set better than the current console range. Truly the ugliest console at the moment is the ps3 slim, I love my ps3 but its definitely the redheaded stepchild in terms of physical design…

  • I’m betting it won’t look like the current system at all. They’ll try to move further away from the “LOL GIANT CONSOLE XBAWKS” stereotype they’ve had saddled around their neck for 10 years with something thinner and streamlined. Modern processors don’t need as massively huge heatsink/fans and HDDs are smaller so a smaller form factor will definitely be achievable.

  • Here’s what I’m hoping for (limited to what makes sense from a business perspective):

    Games distributed on read-only solid-state / flash media, optionally with a writeable partition for saves. Would read faster than optical media, and allow for massively upgradeable storage. Would also eliminate the need for “scratch insurance”

    A new, high-end kinect unit with greater on-board processing power for faster response times / greater accuracy (though it would make backwards compatibility an issue). If they could include it in the console’s packaging/price, perfect.

    Better generic hdd support.

    • I’ve said for years they should do flash media for the coming generation. I’m sure on top of the greater size/speed/sturdiness they could also make some very effective hardware drm if they so desired.

      • But at what cost?

        Games would be more expensive, and if the format flops (DVD-HD) then they’re left with an expensive boondoggle.

    • my guess would be that so long as DVD/Bluray is on a Disc based media. That ain’t going to happen.

      If your putting in a Disc Drive to be a media solution which is what alot of them aim for these day’s they don’t want to be just your console.

      Your gonna use it.

      The one thing they need to do is mandatory 50GB HDD in all consoles. Enough to install 2-4 games on.

  • So… Where will i put in the discs? I hope it’s not digital distribution only after seeing the appalling sales on Xbox Live lately.

  • I know at the moment it doesn’t have a better name by reference, but I honestly hope they are more creative and don’t call it the “Xbox 720” it just sounds lazy and gives expectations for the next console name.

    • I really don’t like reading the name 720. I don’t know why doubling 360 is thought to be the most logical next iteration. I’m rooting for the Xbox 361. Makes as much sense 🙂

      • It does make sense… kind of.
        The 360 was sold as being a complete revolution… the 720 would be a second revolution.

        • Wasn’t it really called the 360 because it was going to be competing with the PS3, and MS didn’t want an Xbox 2 to be up against a PS3? So by that logic, it should be called the Xbox four-something.

      • Thank you guys…here is all the info about the console..

        XBOX Prestige Specifications

        -The new console is smaller than the “Xbox Slim”, consumes very little power thanks to the disappearance of the optical drive.The console makes virtually no noise.

        -Thanks to “DirectLOAD”, run your games without loading after turning off your console. Your games are launched directly by turning on the console without wasting time with blinding speed!

        – “KinectIN technology: This technology uses the foundations of the previous 360 Kinect. It is built into the console and allows users to not having the controller in hand to perform certain tasks. For the first time, the console is alive! You talk to the console, interact with it with a simple gesture. The console recognizes the voice of the profile and respond to your orders. “KinectIN” has two cameras and four sensors, a microphone with high sensitivity. “Tracking Profile” allows cameras recognize you in order not to be interference in the movements.
        PS: KinectIN does not allow you to play games.

        -KinectIN has another specific function to scan the chips in your “Xbox Card”. Forget the optical drive, the console is 100% digital. When you purchase a game, simply scan the chip to the console (in KinectIN). Once scanned on your profile, you can choose to play directly in Microsoft Xbox Cloud, or download the game on your internal 2TB hard drive.

        – “DPConnect advanced” : Connect your console to your TV wirelessly up to 7.5 meters. “HDMIConnect” allows you to connect if you do not have a compatible DPConnect TV.

        -The console has a 8-core processor for performing tasks very quickly, 20 times higher than the old xbox. It supports 3D, 4K2K, multiTV (DPConnect), Live TV, Live Webcam (Kinect2). “Online N ‘Me” allows you thanks to the GPS system, to see all the owners of Xbox Prestige active on a map. By activating this function, you can make friend requests, etc..

        Live-Play Technology: Based on the weather and local time, this system can be reproduced identically the same conditions in the game (some games compatible).

        -Download applications on the Xbox Marketplace, such as weather widgets or information as IGN or gamespot etc. .. With your smartphone under windows and Xbox Prestige integrated application, download the books of your purchased games, buy games without going through the Xbox.

        -The camera on the controller allows you to activate your profile with your face. the controller integrates stress sensors into joysticks, making them harder to maneuver if you are stressed (by game). The screen of the controller allows you to access certain options without using the console like DPconnect, energy consumption mode of the console, the controller options, and other parameters.

        For all who ask about how they will put a disk…there’s no disk! The console is 100% digital..
        Thanks again..

  • I can only hope with a new generation of consoles that games ported to the PC will be of better quality. one can dream

    • Unfortunately, the quality of the game is irrelevant to the platform it is run on. As I constantly say on this form, if a game stinks on a console, it will stink when ported to PC and vice versa.

      The problem here is despite AAA titles taking millions to make, I think most of the money is chewed up by publishers and little spent on the developers themselves.

      While there are a few good exclusives – like Uncharted which continues to excel on a processor that is effectively the same as it was five years ago – I will remember this generation as the one of rampant ports. There has been far to much focus on technology and HD graphics and too little on game design and gameplay.

    • Nah, too good looking. It also looks more functional – I remember using one where the USB ports were covered by a flap but the angle the protruded from meant I had to always use an extension cord.

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