Skyrim On PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 And PC

Skyrim On PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 And PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now and you can play it on all of the high-powered platforms. Which machine runs it the best? The PC usually comes out on top and that seems to be the case again here.

Watch for yourself though, as YouTube user Robbaz returns to give us the rundown. Pay special attention around 1:00 when Robbaz compares the draw distances of the platforms, because that seems to illustrate the largest discrepancy between the three. If your connection can handle it, be sure to switch the video to 1080p for the full effect!


  • Are these comparisons necessary anymore?

    PC will always look better and between the 360 and PS3 it generally goes in favour of 360.

    • Indeed though most of the differences between consoles no matter which way they go generally only highlight which platform was the lead development one.

    • PC is not Always the best. Take Halo 2 for instance.

      Though while PC is typically the best looking one, these vids aren’t made just to show what looks better, but to show what other platforms Lack.

      • iirc halo 2 was originally made for xbox only. and wasnt till much later that it was brought to pc, which is probably why it didnt perform as good as it would have been just a shitty port.

        however with games that are multiplatform for release, they should perform and utilise well over all platforms

      • More often the result of a shoddy port.

        Which isn’t really the PC’s fault.

        When a game looks substantially worse on PC than it did on console it means whoever made the PC version did a shit job.

        Halo 1 also looked worse. The shield’s animation’s were terrible compared to the XBOX.

        • Halo WAS terrible for PC. I got it for $20 after Half-life 2 came out.

          Doom 3. Runs AMAZING at nice settings.
          Half-Life 2. Runs AMAZING at high settings.

          Halo. Runs crap at ALL settings.

          • Halo 2 on pc was even more disappointing considering it required Vista & was allegedly using DX 10. I’ve seen better looking DX 8 games.

  • Having watched the Let’s Play currently available on youtube, the PC version is noticeably different in grandeur compared to the XBOX versions. While I am impressed with the quality across the board, the game does benefit from the greater draw distance which the sweeping open spaces.

    I remember the impression Oblivion gave me the first time I saw it. While dated now, it was as impressive to me back then as Skyrim is now. So I know which version of this I will be playing, and more importantly, upgrading for.

  • When I bought my PS3, one of the reasons I chose it instead of the X360 was because the specs under the hood were better.. but every game, with the exception of a very few, look better on X360.

    I’m glad I went for this game on PC…

    • Higher texture quality, better lighting, particle effects and draw distancce. If you can’t see those things then play on a console.

  • I can confirm, pc is very spiffy looking. I would like better textures though, some are pretty ordinary. Here’s hoping the modders can make it look pretty schmick!

    • yeah some of the textures look pretty bad for a 2011 game, I sincerely hope Bethesda releases a ultra-high res texture pack which makes everything look stunning.

  • I’m actually disappointed that the graphics don’t look twice as good on PC. Looks like the PS3 still has life in the old girl.

  • I’m actually surprised at how well the 360 compares to the ps3. In a few scenes the 360 actually looks better! Considering the 360 is a couple of years older than the ps3, good for them!

  • This video just convinced me to go trade my 360 version for pc. Even on medium settings it’ll kill the 360 version dead.

  • Call me crazy, but in some of the scenes, the PC version looks a little TOO good… it’s so clear and crisp it looks too fake. Like in the dungeon comparison at the start. I mean, film makers put fake film grain on movies for a reason…

    • (and no, I’m not a butthurt PS3 or 360 owner; I don’t have the game yet but when I do it’ll probably be on PC due to modability and using kb/mouse)

  • Got this today on xbox and lovin it my pc could run this on max settings but I really CBF I find the xbox controls more natural and I like that I can relax when playin my xbox I couldn’t sit and play this on pc for 7 hours like I could on xbox. Layin in bed with some skyrim on the tv FTW

  • What I alway’s notice most with these comparison vids is the smooth controls of the pc. Whatch MW3 or any FPS game on a console and the movement is like watching someone on a PC who keyboard turns, it’s so robotic. The mouse gives such fluid control.

  • The PS3 and X360 look very similar in this comparison. Although I must say that skeleton shadow on the Xbox looks pretty poor compared to the other two.

    • Homestly, I’m playing on Ultra, and I don’t think the game looks all that crash hot. Its comparable to the Witcher 2 on low. completely different sense of scale though.

    • I’d agree but sometimes the visuals can really improve immersion. Not because of texture size, but by spell and weather effects.

    • This is partly true, but you have to remember that this IS the Elder Scrolls series. They’ve never really been about interesting characters and original plot.

  • Graphics are a non issue for me, I’d be happily playing it with morrowind graphics. What I would like to see on the consoles is the removal of load times when you enter a house etc.

  • I swear if I read one more of these lame ass pissing contests over which platform is better… just play the f*cking game and try and have fun, that’s what they’re made for, remember.. honestly who really gives a shit.

  • What fps do the xbox and playstation versions run at? That would be the biggest difference to me, and I’m not sure this youtube video shows it – what frame rate do youtube video’s run at?

    • 30fps on console. It’s a bit jarring for a moment if you’ve been playing Rage or CoD but you get into it soon enough and forget about it.

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