Let's Hail The Dragonborn And Ask To Borrow His Free Bethesda Games

You may remember, back in February, Bethesda's Pete Hines threw down a challenge — a baby-making challenge — to celebrate the release of Skyrim. If your baby was born on November 11, 2011, and you were brave enough to call the child Dovahkiin, Bethesda would reward you and your child with a copy of every Bethesda game ever made — past, present, future. Now, someone has actually gone through with it.

Meet the Dragonborn, Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer, who was born last Friday and now bears the name of Dragonborn. Congratulations to proud parents Eric and Megan, and have fun with all the games.

Let's hope you guys do that whole thing where you unoffically use the baby's middle name as his proper name. Ah, what the hell, Dovahkiin has a nice ring to it...

Dragonborn! [Bethesda]

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    Poor kid!

      The little chap will never be literally poor: he gets every damn Bethesda game forever.

    This is why I know longer have faith in humanity.

      Yeah I now the feeling

    Lol how sad!

    I was a bit dubious about this but then I read the blog explaining why they chose to name their son Dovahkiin: http://www.56shards.com/2011/11/10/expectations/

    I have no right to be questioning them, anyway. I named my daughter after a book character and my son after a game character. :P

      What are their names Strange, if you don't mind me asking?

        My daughter's name came from the best female character in A Song of Ice And Fire, and my son's name came from Mass Effect.

          I was going to ask about your daughter's name. I just finished the first book in that series, and kept thinking, "I bet this is where it's from!" :)

            Yep. I was stuck for names because I'd been hoping for a boy but when I was reading the first book I realised I'd found my name. I wanted my daughter to be just like that, resourceful and able to think for herself.

          That's pretty cool. I mean, I suspect it would be Arya... and Mass Effect.. well both Kaiden, Saren and Garrus are easy to read, pronounce etc. So I think it's one of those. If it is Urdnot or Mordin - well, I don't know how much I like them, but that doesn't reflect badly upon you so I hope you don't think that I think that!

          In the case of the young Dovakhiin Tom, I think had this not been a 'competition' - they would never have picked that name for their son. It frustrates me a little because it is based not on connection with the name, but more on the circumstance surrounding it.

            I'm guessing Kaiden. It has to be a character from the first game and I doubt it's Garrus or Saren. Strange doesn't seem like the type to name her son after a Turian, that would be more Harli's thing.

              If it's just Jack, well, ill be damned. (Not that that is a bad name, because it is my own name, but I was named after Jack Nicholson)

              While the contest was a DEFINITE factor in the name, the prize was not. We really don't care about 2-4 free games a year since we can easily afford them. This was about a name we love, a contest that was put out by a company we love, and wanting to do something very special for our boy. We love the name Dovahkiin, how it sounds, and what it stands for. Most people are loving the name, and those that don't are saying he's gonna get bullied. Well I promise everyone this, my son will be ready for bullies and will not be one himself, and should he decide he doesn't like his first name, we gave him a nice normal middle one for him to use :).

    How to ensure your child will turn out to be a Nerd in 1 easy step.

      Don't worry. He'll have a start but is yet to make a name like BlackI3ird.

      He'll start out a nerd. But the leveling system in life is really good now. You can be what ever you want to be. You aren't stuck with your starting class like in times prior!

    Give your child a ridiculous name it has to deal with for the rest of it's life, so you can win some vidya games. Good job.

      Pfff, there are far more ridiculous names than Dovahkiin in the world. Trust me, the child will be fine.

      Besides, he can always go by Tom.


    They can always change their kids name.

    Being named Gordon Freeman got me some free shit from Gabe.

      Please tell me you have a red goatee! Or do science. Or own a crowbar.

    lol, not a bad name.

      I have a goatee and crowbar.

        Woops. Replied to the wrong guy.

    Hey guys, it wouldn't exactly be hard for him to go by his middle name "Tom".

    Far from the worst name I have heard in recent years. Just look at some of the names of AFL players these days.

    Not the worst name, quite different and there is always Tom if needed

    Im torn here..
    On one hand as a human being i feel sorry for the kid,
    But on the other as a gamer i wish i had this name myself.

    Im gonna name my daughter FemShep.

    Or he could shorten it to Dom. Use his middle name Tom.

    Or people can just make up whatever name they please, I'm Edward and I don't think i've been called that in months.

    It's a perfectly fine name. His parents considered it properly and the name actually holds meaing.

    It's also a LOT better than what some celbrities/bogans name their kids!

    Jeez. I would have at least put it in as his middle name...

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